May 23, 2010

We are now in the U. S. Our Telephone number is:        

               AT&T Cell Phone Number 850 242 9680  

Other ways of contacting us are:

Skype ID - cwthoreson

               email -

               email -

boat email -    (make sure to put "//WL2K" in the subject line of email message)            

You can send email to "" and "".  The winlink address comes direct to the computer on the boat via single side band radio and to our computer on land via the internet.  If you use the winlink email address be sure to put "//WL2K" in the subject line to by-pass our white list.  If you don't put the "//wl2k" in the subject line,  your message will be rejected.  Please limit email sent to the winlink address to one page or less and do not attach files unless they are very small.  Our radio system is reliable but slow.

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