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SEPTEMBER---Pentwater, MI Area


Continued to work on my Einstein Sweater Coat and finished it the last day of September. Pleased with the sweater ....although I wish it was a little longer. Hoping it will lengthen a little---currently it is hanging on a padded hanger in the bathroom. Was told that by hanging it and exposing it to moisture it will stretch. Well, it may stretch a little but not to the length I would like. Guess I have a good reason to knit another one!!!!

On the left is my sweater coat (jacket) ready to start the sleeves. On the right--the finished product. For buttons---pieces of seaglass that I drilled holes. My coat is a blend of acrylic and wool so it won't stretch as much as those made with all wool yarn.



Designed a bra for the Breast Cancer Fundraiser sponsored by the Pentwater Arts Council. Stitched thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny beads (red, yellow, orange and white seed beads), red bicone crystals and burnt orange pearls. The bras were on display in various stores on the September 26 Gallery Stroll in Pentwater. The auction will be held on October 5 at the Pentwater Yacht Club. Hope my bra brings in some big bucks.

On the top left---the in-process bra. Wish I would have had more time...with more time I would have beaded the back and straps. Not only was time a concern ....I depleted the seed bead stock at Joan Fabrics! Top right and bottom left is the finished product---just different backgrounds. Bottom right is my poster (photo and essay regarding thoughts on breast cancer).


Bras on display in various businesses in Pentwater during Gallery Stroll.



Carl is still busy learning "Sketch-up" a drafting software. He also works a couple days a week at Patterson Marina (A.K.A. The Boys' Club). This month they have been working on a new pole barn for boat storage. Carl also worked on identifying the location of all Lake Pentwater mooring with GPS and then mapping the mooring on Goggle Earth.

Along with about a dozen women ....worked in the pottery room at the Artisan Center. I sketched a vase to use as a pattern. However, the clay is very heavy......it kept sagging down so my vase turned into a small bowl. Will use Paul Soldner's American Raku technique to fire the pottery pieces. American-style raku differs from the Japanese Raku in that American Raku has a rich black surface that is produced by smoking the ware outside the kiln at the end of firing in combustible materials. I will learn more about the firing process on October 10th.

On the top left is one of the Raku vases made by Karen at the Artisan Center. On the top right is the vase I intended to make. Middle photos show some of the ladies busy working on their pottery piece. Bottom left is my bowl (no longer a vase) with the glaze. The areas without the glaze will turn black and there will be cracks that form in the glaze during firing. What happened to the intended vase? The clay is very heavy so gravity is at work to bring the sides down. Have to admit---I gave up and just changed my design!!!


Special Events:

Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk---Carl and I met Karen (formerly on SYNERGY) at the Reed City McDonalds at 5:30 AM. Karen drove from Reed City to St. Ignace. The three of us were busy talking on the way to St. Ignace....so busy that Karen was going 70 mph in a 55 mph area. Whoops! Red flashing light behind us---the Michigan Highway Patrol. Karen told the patrolman that we were on our way to participate in the Mackinac Bridge Walk. The patrolman checked out Karen's license and the vehicle registration---returned to Karen's vehicle giving her a warning---told her "70 mph too fast for 2 lane road and there is a lot of wildlife that crosses this road". Oh were we pleased. The bridge walk begins in St. Ignace, at the north end of the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula, and ends in Mackinaw City at the south end in the Lower Peninsula. Drove across the bridge---Karen and I hopped out and Carl turned the vehicle around to return to Mackinaw City. It was a beautiful day for a walk ....sunshine and light wind. The two east lanes on the bridge were used by walkers until 9:30 a.m. and the two west lanes by vehicular traffic. After 9:30 a.m. only one east lane was available to walkers. The National Guard and other official personnel stood on the dividing line between walkers and vehicles in the event of an emergency. The Mackinac Bridge Walk has been held every year since 1958. The first bridge walk during the Bridge's Dedication Ceremony in June, 1958 and only 68 people walked across the Mackinac Bridge that year. The walk has been held on Labor Day every year since 1959. Most years, the Michigan Governor leads off the start of the Bridge Walk. President George H. W. Bush led the walk in 1992. The bridge is 5 miles long and the walk is typically completed in 2 hours ....Karen and I did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes. This year, it is estimated that 30,000 people walked the bridge. There were so many tourists in Mackinaw City that the cell phone lines were jammed. Could not contact Carl by phone but finally found him.

Left is Karen on the bridge---on the right me. Middle photos show some of the crowd. Bottom photo is one of the bridge towers. Yes, there were people up there photographing the event.



ArtPrize--Drove down to Grand Rapids to attend two days of ArtPrize with my friend Pam. About ArtPrize: It is an international art competition decided by public vote and an expert jury. It started in 2009 with 1262 entries in 159 venues throughout Grand Rapids. ArtPrize has an open call inviting anyone over 18 years of age to be an artist and any space within the event's boundaries can be a venue. The artist and venues create profiles on the ArtPrize website where they can discover one another. When the venue and artist "connect" they sign a hosting agreement. The public determines the winners---two rounds of voting determine which artist takes the grand prize of $200,000 and the $20,000 Category Awards. A panel of professional experts award a $200,000 prize and five $20,000 category awards. This year, there are 1537 entries in 179 venus. Cash prizes have increase from $449,000 in 2009 to this year's total prize amount of $560,000. Most of the entries that I saw were quite impressive.....yes there was a couple entries that I said to my friend, Pam "That is not art". Really.....one artist painted a grocery shopping cart red and placed a white basket inside. There was also some "far out entry that was supposed to revolutionize how you hear western classic music in a 15 minute experience. I simply did not get that one!!!! Pam and I had a great time. The weather was fabulous---high 70's on Thursday and low 80's on Friday. I especially enjoyed sitting down with Pam at lunch....very relaxing!Brian (Pam's other half) had appetizers and a chilled bottle of wine waiting for us at their home. Brian is so sweet.....made burritos for dinner and some hearty oatmeal for breakfast the next morning. He is quite the cook.

ArtPrize! Middle and bottom photos show last year's winner. Quilted panels were on display as one long horizontal line. It is a beautiful piece.



Photo left---copper steps. Photo right is only part of a large piece made with paper and some type of jewels of the constellations. The jewels showed the stars and behind the stars the figure the constellation represents. Middle photo is a hand hooked rug. Bottom photos show just part of a mosaic.



Pam and I had fun with the Infinity Boxes. The box has an opening at opposite ends to put your head through. The person opposite you then sees your face in a kaleidoscope. The two of us laughed so hard.


Below is a fused glass piece, "Engulfed in Glass", made by the owner of Jilly's Gallery in Pentwater. The piece depicts the beach in all four seasons.


On the right--marble sailboats in the fountain, "Rounding the Mark" outside the Gerald R Ford Museum. On the right---girls at lunch. Our plan was to finish lunch with a piece of peanut butter pie but that did not happen. Just too full.


Metal sculptures top row. Bottom row is a mosaic piece, "Protect Our Children".


Interesting piece ....I think it was called Reciprocity. The grown son carrying his mother.


Below are photos of a huge display called " Despite Similarities to Reality, This is a Work of Fiction". A long-term project on the modern incarnation of the Band of Brothers: 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne through training and at deployment to Afghanistan. The work aims to catalyze a dialogue on the dissonance between the myths and realities of war". The artist, Ryan Spencer Reed, is a photojournalist from Ludington. One of his thoughts.....the remote killing through drones and air strikes makes the killing too easy and not felt at home like the it was during the Viet Nam War.


The art piece below is a metal screen "Intersections" that reflects its design on the walls, ceiling and floor.



Liked this water fountain (left) and a seed bead embroidery piece (right). I can make something very similar to that fountain (putting it on my list of things to make).


This piece of art is made from plastic tablecloths. It wound its way up three stories .....changing color every once in awhile.


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Marilyn Thoreson
October 02, 2014