SEPTEMBER---Fargo, ND to Pentwater, MI to Deltaville, VA

To start this month's activities, need to take you back into August----just one day. The day when Carl saw an ophthalmologist in Fargo who told him that his retina was detached. Have to tell you---Carl almost passed out when he heard this diagnosis---a major anxiety event. The ophthalmologist referred Carl to a retina specialist (also in Fargo) on 9/1 and told Carl that surgery was tentatively scheduled for Friday 9/2. After a thorough exam by the retina specialist on Thursday, Carl received good news--the retina was intact. Instructions---see the retina specialist in Muskegon Carl has been seeing when we return to Michigan and try relax to enjoy the wedding on Saturday. What a relief! Carl summed it up by saying "These past few days have been an emotional roller coaster ride."

Out of the doctor's office and off to the Ramada Inn where we stayied for the wedding of Carl's niece, Rebecca. When we checked in ....another pleasant surprise. Upgraded to a King Suite at no additional charge. What a comfortable place to stay for three nights. The "Thoreson Family" would not arrive until Friday so the two of us had all day to ourselves. Went to West Acres, Fargo's shopping mall, to walk around, check out the stores and have lunch. Hoped that an old restaurant that we used to hang out at 35 years ago would still be there---no luck. Later had a nice dinner and restful night.

Enjoyed the King Suite at the Ramada. Two wide screen TVs, comfortable seating area and very large king bed. Nice to have the suite when family members stopped by to visit.

Friday---the Thoreson family start arriving and gathering down by the pool. Ramada has a decent waterslide. The little kids and more than a few adults had a blast on the slide. Friday night the family not participating in the wedding ceremony gathered at Granite City Brewery for dinner.

Lots of fun at the pool. Hot tub, sauna and waterslide.


Dinner at Granite City Brewery. Our group was large for a Friday night so during the wait, the adults visited and the kids found rocks to play with. Worried about Little Lucia dropping a rock on her toes but she is a strong little girl. Elle had to show she could pick up big one too. Erik and Sonjia joined in to find the biggest rocks.

Given a table to accommodate the entire group. Colors and special placemats for the kids. Good beer and decent food. Top left is Elle, Olivia and Leif. Top right is John and Kari Tufte. Center left is Erik and Sonja Lind sitting by their grandparents, Erling and Beth Tufte. Center right are Olivia and Leif Tufte. Bottom left is Carl and Erling (brother-in-laws and high school classmates).


Rebecca was a lovely bride. Beautiful hair, face, dress, flowers and attendants. Her father, William, was stopped by a policeman on his way to the wedding for speeding. He explained the situation to the policeman---something like "My daughter is getting married, I have her veil and they are waiting for me!" Oh, Lucky Willie, he was told to slow down so he could safely arrive at the church. Shelly, the mother of the bride, was very stylish in her dress. The best part about weddings is seeing brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grand neices and nephews!

Top left is Sonja and Olivia at the church. The girls enjoyed their fancy dresses and referred to Rebecca as "The Princess". Top right is John Tufte with his daughter, Olivia. John was the ring bearer at our wedding! Bottom left is most of the grand nieces and nephews (missing Little Lucia and Baby Bowie)---Olivia, Sonja, Elle, Leif and Erik. Bottom right is a picture of Rebecca and I. All of my wedding pictures were too dark so did not include them. Later, Rebecca had wedding pictures posted on Facebook.


The following group of pictures are the "sibling shots" with and without spouses! Top left--Carl and I. Top right is William and Shelly (parents of the bride). Middle left is the Thoreson siblings (missing John who could not attend the wedding)--Anne, Beth, William and Carl. Middle right Siblings and spouses--Erling, Beth, Anne, William, Shelly, Carl and I (missing is John and Suzie). Bottom left is Anne with her daughter, Jesse, and two grandchildren, Elle and Lucia.


Pictures from the wedding reception. Top left is the nephews and nieces. Note: When the nephews and nieces get together, they always pose for this photo. If one of them is missing .....a space is left for them! On the right is Andee, Sarah and Kari (mother of Sonja and Erik). Bottom left is Emily (sister of Sarah and Andee) and bottom right is a photo of the William Thoreson Family with their good friends, Sue and Paul and family.

Rebecca and Randy's first dance as a married couple. On the right is Rebecca dancing with her Dad (William).


Left Fargo early Sunday morning driving a little over 10 hours to Marquette, Michigan. I am doing all the driving so I was happy to finally arrive at our hotel. Picked up a pizza to eat in our room, watched a movie and had a good sleep. Off early in the morning after breakfast at the hotel. Thought we would be slowed down at the Mackinac Bridge because of the 54th Annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk. The walk begins in St. Ignace, at the north end of the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula and ends in Mackinaw City at the south end in the Lower Peninsula.One lane of the northbound traffic was closed off for the walkers.....both lanes open for southbound traffic. Labor Day traffic picked up in the afternoon. Arrived in Pentwater around 2 PM, had a late lunch at The Boathouse before heading to the cottage.

Hanging around Pentwater until Carl's appointment with Dr Raphaelian (retina specialist) on September 13. Pam and Brian came out for dinner one night. Carl grilled Anaheim Pepper Burgers which are a specialty of his brother, William. In addition to anaheim peppers, the burgers have bacon and cheese. Picked up a cherry pie from Morat's Bakery for dessert. Later in the week, had several trees cut down. Our neighbors behind us, Tim and Judy, were having a huge tree removed (their deck was built around the tree--the tree towered over their cottage blocking out the sun and threatening the roof). While the tree guys were in the area, Carl talked to them about removing a couple dead or dying trees from our property plus cutting off big branches that were hanging over the roof. The back of our house will get a lot more sunshine than it used to. Hope the ferns take over because it is almost entirely sand.

Jewelry making---took the two" trial" bracelets I made last month apart. This time I finally got the sizing correct ....discovered a mistake in my planning (measured the outside diameter over the glass and beads should have measured the inside diameter, it makes a big difference). At Carl's suggestion I used only white sea glass then decorated with blue bicone crystals and pearls. I will wear this one!!!!

Carl saw Dr. Raphaelian on September 13. The bottom line--- need to continue monitoring so another appointment in one month. Dr. Raphaelian said there was more blood in the eye than there was when Carl was seen in August. Next appointment is October 11. At this appointment, Dr. Raphaelian will decide if a surgical procedure is needed to clear the eye of blood and dead cells. Both of us are very disappointed with these results. Oh well, you do what you gotta do.

Left for Deltaville the day after Carl's doctor appointment. Our plan is to work on the boat---get it ready to launch. If by chance, a surgical procedure is required, the boat will be ready to store over the winter except to winterize the engine and systems. Drove to Winchester, VA on Wednesday and then on to Deltaville on Thursday. It was a 13 hour drive to Winchester and another 4.5 hours to Deltaville. The drive was pleasant and very scenic especially West Virginia and Virginia.

Wow, gas is cheaper here in Virginia. Paying close to $4.00 a gallon in Michigan.


The boat looked good at least from my perspective. Carl took several days to review the work the yard completed on the mast step. He generated a punch list and scheduled a meeting with yard management. In the meantime, went out for dinner with Linda and Rick on SOJOURNER. Rick and Linda sold their Catalina sailboat this summer and purchased a used catamaran. They usually have a number of guests when they sail to the Abacos for the winter so the catamaran gives them a lot more room. They have really worked hard cleaning, fixing and upgrading the catamaran. Also had dinner on their boat one night.

Attended the Deltaville Marina and Boatyard Annual Crab Fest on Saturday 9/17. This is the first time it rained during the festivities. The fest was well attended in spite of the rain and cold weather. Lots of crab, good side dishes and plenty of beer. I think beer consumption was down this year. Both of us are getting pretty good at pickin' crab!

The next group of pictures were taken at the Annual Crab Feast at the Deltaville Marina. The Marina and Boatyard provide all the crab you can eat and refreshments (beer, pop and water). The guests (cruisers and employees) bring side dishes or desserts. Sat with Barb and Norm (BLOWN AWAY), Rick (SOJOURNER), Doris and George (GRACE) and John and Suzanne (The SUZANNE). The event was well attended in spite of the weather--cold, rainy and windy. The photo of Rick and I was snapped by holding the camera in front of us--hoping it was in focus.


Carl met with the yard management on Monday 9/19 to discuss the mast step project. At the meeting, it was decided the best way to finish the project was to put DISCOVERY in the water, pull the mast to adjust the length (cut some of the mast off) , re-step the mast, pour the spartite and then tune the rigging while the boat was in the water. Nothing could be done about the height of the mast step itself which Carl wanted lower so it was possible to lay wire. On Tuesday, the lift was ready for us at 7:30 AM and by late afternoon the mast had been removed, cut and re-stepped. It took a week to complete the last steps of the project and pull DISCOVERY back out of the water.

Early Tuesday morning, John and Dan arrived with the lift to give DISCOVERY a ride to the haulout well. Once tied to the dock, Carl was waiting on deck for the riggers to arrive! I found other things to do (in other words stay off the boat).

Once DISCOVERY was back on the work started. The cockpit and deck was washed when DISCOVERY was in the water so I was ready to wash the hull and start applying wax. Asked the yard guys to bring me some scaffolding. Waited two days for the scaffolding to arrive. I guess it worked out okay because the fiberglass cleaner Carl ordered for me arrived in the mail the same day the scaffolding was delivered.

Besides working on the boat, have socialized with other cruisers. In the evening, we walk to the screen porch with our bags containing dishes, sides, refreshments and something for the grill. In the yard ---Mike and Kathy (SAPPHIRE), Doris and George (GRACE), Michael (WIND IN THE WILLOW), John and Suzanne (THE SUZANNE). One day, Keith and Rose (CAMELOT) were in Deltaville so we invited them for dinner at the screen porch.

Fall officially arrived during our stay in Deltaville. September's weather was atypical---lots of rain and unseasonably cold. Deltaville has a Farmers Market at the Maritime Museum every other Saturday. Must admit the market is a little short on Farmers Stuff and a little long on crafts! Included photos of some beautiful produce.

The fruit flies were horrible. I ran a Fruit Fly Taste Test. Which drink do fruit flies prefer--Pinot Noir or Coconut Rum? Based on qualitative analysis I'd say it was the Coconut Rum.

When the weather is good ......prepared dinner in the Marina's Screen Porch.


September has come to an end. The mast project is tied up (done) and the waxing is about 1/3 complete. The weather has been unusually wet with periods of really hot weather and two cool period. I guess its fall. Will stay here 3-7 days before heading back to Michigan for Carl's appointment.

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Marilyn Thoreson
October 10, 2011