SEPTEMBER: Cottage in Pentwater,MI to Deltaville, VA

Have to admit, it felt good to park the car in the garage at the end of the Land Cruise. Our cottage survived the summer renters very well. Some cleaning to do but nothing compared to the cleaning required last June!

Drove into Grand Rapids for Labor Day Dinner at Al, Laurie and Jamie Forte's home. Friends, Pam and Brian McLenithan, joined us for dinner. Before dinner, we drove over to see Pam and Brian's new condo---they were in the process of moving in. The condo is very nice. Pam and Brian put a lot of thought into the finishing details. Labor Day Dinner was great---fresh tomatoes for bruschetta and fresh corn. Al was in charge of grilling the main course on his new barbeque grill.

The following pictures are from the Labor Day Celebration. The first picture is Pam and Brian demonstrating how the cocktail napkins match the flower in Pam's hair. The second picture is of Carl  and Laurie. Picture number three is Al and Jamie--can't believe Jamie is a senior in high school. Finally the last picture is the guys before dinner--Al, Carl and Brian.

Stayed at the cottage until 9/13. Carl continued to go to Physical Therapy to help strengthen his lower back muscles and stretch out the muscles and tendons around his hip. He thinks the exercises are making a difference which is good news. My time was dedicated to thinning out the Siberian Irises and Ditch Lilies in the perennial garden.  I worked on the garden every day--did not complete the job. Oh well, there is always next time.

Carl winterized the cottage the morning of 9/13. Drained and blew out the water lines and then set the furnace to a low temperature. The house should be fine until we return next June for a couple weeks. One of the cottage neighbors has keys to check on the cottage every once in a while. Drove to Grand Rapids where we stayed with Pam and Brian in their new condo. Pam asked me to go with her in her vehicle for a surprise!?!? Pam drove down the road and pulled up at a nail shop to treat me to a foot pedicure--a totally new experience for me. I loved it. My heels are so soft and my toes are all painted with polish. Returned to the condo where Pam made us a great Mexican Dinner.

Took off the next morning headed for Galena, Maryland. Easy roads (Ohio and Pennsylvania Turnpike) but a very long drive. Arrived at Dave and Karen Lauser's home around 8:00 PM. Stayed with Dave and Karen over the weekend. One night, Dave and Karen organized a crab picking dinner. Purchased a bushel of crabs---covered a wood table with newspapers and enjoyed crabs. What a treat.  Neighbors--Dave, Ben & Carol (NARWAHL), and Tom & Joyce (STELLA POLARIS) joined us. Neighbors: Ronnie & Joe could not attend because they went to Washington DC to participate in a war protest. Joe & Connie weren't there because they were in France chartering a river barge (doesn't that sound fun)!!! Crabs are messy to eat so eating outdoors makes it easier to get at the crabs to pick out all the sweet white meat. Yum yum. All the shells and unedible stuff go into a bucket for disposal along with the newspaper (easy clean-up).

Below are pictures taken at the Crab Picking Dinner. First picture is of Ben and Carol. Carol is finishing spreading the newspaper. Notice the pile of crabs. The second picture is Dave eating crab even before all the guests arrived. Dave's only tool for eating crab is a table knife.  Some of us need a wood hammer along with the knife to crack the shell. The third picture is Dave H, Joyce and Tom. Joyce and Tom rinse their crabs off in a pot of water before cleaning them. They also dip their crab in butter. The last picture in this group is just one bucket of crab waste! I think we filled three of these buckets.


Headed for Deltaville on 9/17. Found DISCOVERY had weathered the summer well while we were on our Land Cruise. Now the work started. Washed the hull with soap and water followed by a cleaner. Then 3 coats of wax. The yard provided enough scaffolding for one side of the boat which made this job so much easier. After the waxing, Carl painted the bottom. Next he worked on the dinghy for several days (new motor mount, patching scratches on the bottom fiberglass and replacing the plug).

Several boats we have cruised with in Deltaville with us. Craig and Kris (TILT); Norm and Barbara (BLOWN AWAY); Linda and Bruce (JET STREAM); Doug and Connie (HIGH STEPPER) and Pat and Dick (HANANIAH). The Deltaville Marina had a party on 9/22 for their slip renters. They invited those of us who were in the Boatyard. All the crab, hot dogs, hamburgers you could eat. Also a beer truck and a wooden dinghy full of soft drinks packed in ice.  Some of the Boatyard employees set up a band with fiddle, bass and several guitars--the music was very good.

DISCOVERY was finally ready for launch so we notified the Boatyard we could go in any day after October 1.

Submitted by:
Marilyn Thoreson
October 9, 2007