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OCTOBER--Pentwater, MI to Vero Beach, FL To GOLDSBORO, NC

Bra Art Auction and Knitting Project:

Attended the Bra Art Auction at the Pentwater Yacht Club. I was very nervous about how much money my bra would go for in the auction. First time I attended the event. Have to admit I was disappointed. Thought my bra should have brought more money in than it did. My bra sold for $75.00 which was in the middle of the pack. The bra that brought in $700 was submitted by the Monday Morning Knitting Group which attended in force and purchased their own bra.

Knitted a Baby Einstein Coat for my friend, Bev's, grand-daughter.

Below are most of the bras that were auctioned off at the Pentwater Yacht Club. The top winner is the one on the right in the third row. It is a basket of fruit. Mine is the one in the fifth row--on the right. I thought the feather bra--second row on the right would be a big winner but not so. Have to apologize for the quality of the photos....the background makes the bras blurry!


Visiting Friends:

Drove over to Lake to visit our friends, Chris and Karen (formerly SYNERGY) for three days. Karen and I split responsibility for meals. I made Chicken Marbella for my night. Chris grilled salmon the night Karen was responsible for dinner. Had easy lunches (one was especially easy because we went into SYNERGY's favorite diner). During the day .....helped Chris post his property with "NO TREPASSING" signs. Karen, Carl and I walked the property line while Chris stapled the signs to trees and posts. Two afternoons of walking in the great outdoors. Back at the house.....we sat by the fireplace visiting over drinks and playing Sequence after dinner.

On the left, Karen, Carl and Chris standing by the deer feeder. Chris has an night camera on the feeder. Saw photos of a good size Buck. Carl on the right was scouting for a place where we could easily cross the little stream. Bottom photos taken at one of several deer stands.


Oh....we do eat well.


Chris did all the work ......carried the backpack that was full of tools and signs plus he put all the signs up. Carl, Karen and I just walked with him enjoying the beautiful day.


Karen, Chris and their guests, Cyndi and Dave (SWELL HORIZON) drove over to Pentwater to spend a day with us. Took them to the Artisan Center, Patterson Marine Service (A.K.A. The Boys' Club) and then drove down to the Little Point Sable Lighthouse. I prepared a 6 hour slow loin pork roast with mashed potatoes and green beans. In the morning, made an oven egg casserole. Another fun get together!!

Putting on shoes. Group photo (back row Chris and Dave/front row Karen and Cyndi)


Closing Cottage:

The weather was fantastic most of the month of October. Had thought about heading south to Vero Beach mid-month but glad we stayed longer. Carl tried to keep up with the falling leaves......he would blow leaves at least once a day only to look out an hour or so after finishing the job to see more leaves on the lawn and driveway!!! It will be interesting to see how many leaves are on the lawn when we return in the spring. In past years, we would head south before the leaves fell and found them to be ankle deep when we returned in the spring.

Snow was in the forecast for Friday, October 31 so closed the cottage on Thursday. I take the rugs, towels and bedding to the laundromat while Carl drains and blows out the pipes, fills the drain traps with pink antifreeze and a few other tasks. Locked the doors and headed out the door hoping we didn't forget anything.

Drove to Grand Rapids where we stayed with Pam (Brian was in Florida with his brothers). Attended the monthly Recycle Party .....a group of neighbors get together with appetizers and desserts for a party. Met some of Pam's neighbors.....all nice folks. After the party, Pam, Carl and I watched the FSU versus Louisville game with hopes that FSU would lose. Our hopes were NOT realized.

Very good food at the Recycle Party. The hostess made an excellent squash soup. Plates of appetizers and the best desserts.


Up before dawn to drive about 14 hours to Goldsboro, NC where we stayed for the night. Had dinner at a pizza joint.....pizza, salad, and pasta bar. Lots of kids in costumes. For a pizza bar......the pizza was very good.

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Marilyn Thoreson
November 08, 2014