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November----Vero Beach, FL

Pointe West Townhouse:

A daily task---check Craig's List for furniture to use in the townhouse. Been quite successful at finding stuff. Almost everything we buy, I paint either bright white or white linen (reminds me of the sand on the beaches in the Bahamas). Some of the furniture needs some attention from Carl. For example, purchased an antique dresser that is still in the garage. It will eventually go in the upstairs bathroom but first it needs some tightening (screwing and gluing) before we haul it up the stairs. Carl purchased a set of clamps for gluing a couple drawers.

Saw a dining room set at the consignment store. Hauled Carl in to look at it. Both of us agreed it was a good size and nice style with a buffet. However, the price was a bit high. Even the sales lady said it "might be over priced". Once Carl heard the words over priced.....he wanted to look more. I started to look at Craig's List. Found one that was listed as "tropical dining room table with 6 chairs". The table and chairs showed well in the photo and the price was right. Drove down to Port St. Lucie to look. Yes the color was a brilliant blue and it looked good in her dining room. The top of the table was marked up (seller had small children) and the paint had a few dings. Gave the seller her asking price but she had to deliver it to Vero Beach. Carl and I helped her load the table into her mini-van. It was so funny, Jen was dressed for work with 3-4 inch heels on. She insisted on carrying it ......thought I was too old and weak. Once the table was in out townhouse we had to do something about the color .......changed it to white linen. I also carefully sanded down the top (has a thin veneer) and then used wipe-on polyurethane. The table looks great. It did not come with a leaf so we plan to have one made so the table will seat 8 people.


Next Craig's List purchase was a nightstand. The seller, Melissa, wanted $65.00. Liked the nightstand but thought it was a little high so offered $50.00. Melissa had two potential buyers coming later that day so she didn't accept our offer. We said no problem but to call us if she changes her mind. The next day, Melissa called saying she'd take the $50.00. I picked the nightstand up about an hour later. Same paint as the paint on the dining room table. This nightstand went in the guest bedroom.


Interested in a listing for a small, older Ethan Allen buffet with hutch here in Vero Beach. The seller had two other items that we liked......an antique dresser and an office chair. The buffet/hutch and dresser are heavy! Bought them without knowing how we'd get them home. The seller was going out of town for 3-4 days so we had to have it figured out by the time she returned.


To add to the "how will we move it quesion" we purchased a wicker bedroom set with king bed down in Jupiter. The dresser has 9 drawers and is very heavy. I can hardly lift the nightstand without the drawers. It was hard to determine what color the wicker was ......decided it was natural with many years of grease, grime and dirt. I secretly wondered if I could get it clean enough to paint. Carl wondered how he'd get the stuff moved from Jupiter. Checked with a couple " small moves" movers and the cost was pretty high. Rented a 14 foot U-Haul to move the bedroom furniture and the heavy stuff (above). Al on BlUE HEAVEN said he'd help us. Carl and I thought we could handle the bedroom set without Al's help because the seller had a dolly. We managed to load it without any great difficulty. Just as we finished.....my phone rang. Nancy Goyette called to invite us to a potluck. She asked what I was doing and I told her moving furniture. Aimee and Nancy met us in Vero Beach to help us move the bedroom furniture upstairs. Aimee said he'd help with the buffet, antique dresser and office chair the next day. Al also helped us the next day. Problem taken care of! To help Aimee and Nancy, Carl drove the U-Haul truck to pick up bamboo flooring the Goyettes had ordered and did not know how they'd get it home. A wonderful exchange of resources.


Below is the painted buffet/hutch. Carl wanted me to use the lime green in the chair cushions for the door pulls.....just sand the old ones and spray on paint. For the door knobs....used hamburger beans and shells. The shells are a little difficult to grab so I might change them out.


Painted the Henry Link wicker furniture we picked up in Jupiter a bright white. Painted the wicker lamp bases a bright turquoise. This winter I will work on something to add to those white wicker lamp shades to tie them into the base a little more. Painted the 6 drawer dresser we purchased a couple weeks later on Hutchinson Island south of Fort Pierce.....also Henry Link. still need to paint that wicker chest but it can wait until next year. Oh, I did paint the chair to match the nightstand in the guest room.

After buying one or two items on Craig's List, Carl decided to list the kitchen appliances. He never thought they'd sell as quickly as they did. The refrigerator sold within 15 minutes of listing it while the other appliances were all purchased by one individual a week or so later. So MOST of November we were without appliances. Di and Jay have loaned us a small Engel refrigerator (they used it as a back-up when they sailed on FAR NIENET). Have cold water, cold pop and yogurt on hand. You might think we are eating out all the time but we aren't (just once in awhile). Sometimes we pick up prepared sandwiches or salads from Walmart or order a pizza. Looking forward to that galley on DISCOVERY when we start cruising.

Carl built two workbenches in the garage......one of them has wheels which is nice for my painting projects.

Workbench number one. A top work surface and a bottom shelf. Used up the old paint from the previous owner. The second workbench is about half the size and has huge casters to roll the bench to where ever it is needed.

Two more Craig's List purchases ......a wicker desk with nightstand for Robin's Nest. I will use the desk as my craft bench and store supplies in the matching wicker nightstand. Also found a 6 drawer Henry Link dresser to go in the master bedroom (the set we purchased in Jupiter is also Henry Link). The 6 drawer dresser is already painted and in place in the master bedroom.

Acutely purchased two new living room chairs from a store. Watched Craig's List and shopped the local consignment shops without any success when it comes to living room chairs. Most of the chairs are oversized (just slightly smaller than a love seat and the ones we found at Rooms To Go fit "just right". .The two chairs are the last items we will buy this year. Still need a few items but those items can wait. Next year the focus will be "accessories, accessories, accessories." The living room chairs don't arrive until December 2 or 3 so won't have photos to show this month.

New windows with high impact glass and patio doors installed November 22. What a difference they make. Love having screens on the windows. It is finally cool enough to turn off the AC and enjoy the fresh air. Once the windows were installed---- it was time to install blinds. Carl measured and measured again, purchased, installed and even shortened 12 blinds plus installed a curtain rod above the sliding patio door and clipped on the curtains. Everything fits perfect;y and it looks great.

Made the decisions to install hurricane windows and patio door mid-October. Scheduled for installation on November 20. Up until November 19---no rain (or very little) in Vero Beach. On November 19 the sky opened up and it poured. The windows and door was delivered on the 20th as planned but installation delayed until the rain stopped. So lucky it stopped raining on Friday. The guys worked all day Friday and returned on Monday to finish the job (about 30 minutes after they completed the job it started raining again). Windows installed.....time for blinds and curtains.



Vero Beach Social Activities:

Curtis Jacobson, a schoolmate of Carl's from Leeds, ND, stopped by to visit us. Sat around and talked during the afternoon then went to Waldo's on the beach for dinner. A cold front was moving in from the northwest so it was overcast and cool for us while Curtis thought it was nice and warm. Rain was in the forecast so Waldos cancelled the band (it is an outdoor restaurant). Curtis stayed at a hotel so he stopped back the next day with his computer to show us some photos and then we went for a drive along the ocean to Stuart. Curtis is organizing a Class Reunion---50 years since high school graduation. Carl is excited about attending on July 5.

Carl and Curtis posing in front of DISCOVERY (Fort Pierce, FL)


The Cruisers' Happy Hour started up again when the boats started arriving around November10th. VERANDA (Bill & Christie) and FINE LION (Steve & Kim) were at the first Happy Hour we attended at the marina. This was a big Happy Hour gathering. with lots of great appetizers. It rained "cats and dogs" before and during the second Happy Hour we attended. In fact, I tried to talk Carl into staying home but he because we were not doing anything he wanted to go. Only the truly loyal partiers were there ....SALTY PAWS (Jim & Bentley); TILT (Kris & Craig) and FIVE & DIME (Curt & Kathy). Because the weather kept so many cruisers away that night there was a Make-up Happy Hour the next night which we attended. SALTY PAWS provided music for the second and third Happy Hour we went to.

Photos taken at the Cruisers' Happy Hour (Vero Beach Municipal Marina). Top left is Christie (VERANDA) and Kim (FINE LION). Top right is Kathy (FIVE and DIME), Chesley (CYGNET) and me. Bottom left is Jim and Bentley (SALTY PAWS).


Nancy and Aimee Goyette invited us to a Cruisers' Potluck at their home. Nancy made meatloaf and chili while the guests brought a variety of sides, appetizers and dessert. Attendees: Bob and Chesley (CYGNET), Len & Izzie (NOCTURNE), Terri and Charlie (VOYAGER), Bill and Sue (NICE n EASY), Bill and Laverne (ROCINANTE). This was our first Cruiser Potluck so there was lots of news, especially regarding George Town, to catch up on. Izzie brought a dessert (eclairs) that Carl could not leave alone!!!

Photos from Nancy and Aimee Goyette's potluck. Top left is Aimee and Terri. Top right is Bob. Bottom left is some of the girls talking after dinner. On the right is the guys doing something on their smart phones!!! We talk about how rude kids are when they are constantly attending their cell phones. At one point in time, Charlie was all by himself with his cell phone. Asked him what he was doing and his reply "Checking my email."


Last month we drove to Jacksonville with our NexGen (generator) to have the manufacturer repair it. Had hoped they could take care of the problem while we waited but that wasn't possible. Received the long awaited call......it is fixed, come pick it up. While in Jacksonville, Karen and Chris (SYNERGY) met us for lunch in Mayport at Singleton's Seafood Shack. At our table, was a wide assortment of hot sauces for our seafood. Purchased a bottle of the Colon Cleaner! A bitter sweet visit. SYNERGY is on the market so we will not be cruising with them. Had to say good-bye to them but will see them up in Michigan next summer.


Last month, Bob and Bev (SAVAGE SON) planted a Sylvester Palm tree by their patio. The tree was named Sylvie. To help Sylvie adjust to her new home, the nursery tied up the palm fronds for about 2 weeks. When the lines holding the fronds up were cut.....it was time for Sylvie's coming out party. Several Pointe West neighbors attended.....the usual routine of "bring an appetizer and your drink and celebrate'. Attendees: Art & Maureen, George & Janeen, Jay & Di, Norm & Karen plus Bob's brother and sister-in-law, Tom & June. The weather the night of the party was fabulous. One of the first times it was cool enough to spend time on the patio in the fresh air under the stars.

Sylvie at her coming out party. She is a beautiful palm tree.

Called Pat & Mac (formerly WINDBORNE) and Kathy & Curt (FIVE and DIME) to see if they wanted to meet us for pizza and then stop by the townhouse for a game of Sequence. The pizza was great at Vittorios but the service was lousy. Seemed like the takeout orders had priority. Arrived at 5:30 and left at 7:00!!! The Sequence game was a total shutout for the girls. I don't recall losing as badly as the girls did that night. TILT arrived at the marina just as we were picking up Kathy and Curt. Asked them to join us but they had sailed down from St. Augustine so they were ready for a shower in the marina and a little rest.

Went to the monthly, free concert on the beach featuring 21 Hearts 1 Beat ......a group from Miami Country Day School. Gloria Estafan's daughter, Emily, is part of the group. The group was fun to listen to. One of the girls who played bass was exceptional. They sang a variety of music ....Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Alicia Keyes. etc. Lots of CLODS (Cruising Living On Dirt) and cruisers there to visit with. After the concert we joined a bunch of CLODS for dinner at Bono's Barbeque Pit. Yummy food.

One afternoon we called Kris and Craig to see if they wanted to see our place. They had rented a car for the weekend so they stopped by after errands (groceries and Lowes). Sat around talking until close to 5:00. On the spur of the moment .....called Leigh and Ken (ONE EYED PARROTS) to see if they wanted to join us for dinner at Riverside. The answer was yes. Good food plus Happy Hour for cheap(er) beer).


Dinner at Riverside. Leigh and Ken on the left. Craig and Kris on the right.



Cruisers' Thanksgiving:

Our first year cruising buddies, Doug and Marianne on CLOUDSPLITTER, met us at the Cruisers' Breakfast the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Have not seen them since the summer of 2010 when we drove out to Sodus Point, NY to visit with them. Doug and Marianne have a motor home.......spending the winter down south. So glad they stopped in Vero Beach. After breakfast they came out to the townhouse to check it out.

Marianne and me outside Southern Comfort after the Cruisers' Breakfast. So good to be "Together Again."


The Cruisers' Thanksgiving in Vero Beach is so much fun. The CLODS (Cruising Living on Dirt) provide turkey and ham while the cruisers bring the sides and desserts. There is a sign-up sheet at the marina for the number of people in the party and what you will bring. End up with a large variety of sides and different desserts. Two boats, RIVER HOUSE and MY TIME TWO, have coordinated the effort for several years. Last year, some local businesses donated items for a drawing . This year.....new local businesses and items donated by cruisers for a great drawing. Cruisers start to gather around 1:00 PM. Tables are set-up (cruisers who want a table get there in the morning to reserve them.......Kris saved a table for TILT, CLOUDSPLITTER, DISCOVERY and FIVE and DIME. Cruisers who don't have tables get to go through the line first. Each table has a number so after the table-less folks go through, numbers are drawn. There is plenty of food (IF people don't stack their plates too high). This is the most relaxing holiday EVER!


The food is good at the Cruisers' Thanksgiving but the best part of all .......seeing your old friends. Below left is Bill and Margaret (MARGARITA). Top right is Carl and I . Bottom left is Marianne. Bottom right is Jim and Nancy (SOLITAIRE). Nancy and Jim had their own Thanksgiving Dinner at their house but stopped by for a drink with the cruisers.


Top left is Barb and Jerry (KUMBAYA). Top right is Bert and Pru (EXUBERIANT). Bottom left is Curt, Marianne and Kris---I'm sure they are telling cruisers stories!! Bottom right is Bev and Kris (Bev is on SCANDIA).


Oh, the side dishes are just starting to arrive. On the right are the door prizes. Bottom left is the desserts.


On the left is Debbie (RIVER HOUSE) one of the primary organizers of the day. I'm sure at this point she was asking us to sit down before the people without tables to sit at started going through the line. On the right is Bill and Sue (formerly NICE n EASY).


My plate (a little bit of this, a lot of that, yum yum). On the right is a photo of the afternoon's entertainment.


Doug told me he was looking for cargo shorts without success. I told him I saw cargo shorts at Sam's Club so I would pick him up shorts. In return, Doug wanted to buy us dinner Friday night. I told him about the Citrus Grill's Special Menu (I saw in the paper that they were continuing it through November). The Special Menu allows you to choose from 5 entrees, 5 salads and 5 desserts all for $14.00. Doug made reservations for the four of us. Sometime during the day, the restaurant called Doug to let him know they were discontinuing the Special Menu. Doug wasn't sure what that meant so no changes were made. Ooh, la la......the regular prices are very steep. I felt so guilty.....two pair of cargo shorts does not equal two dinners off the menu. The food was pricey but good......our waiter was horrible. All in all it was a fun night and the last time we will see Doug and Marianne (until next Thanksgiving I HOPE).

Photos taken at the Citrus Grill.

Have set December 8 as the "be ready to go" date for cruising. Trying to make the transition from the townhouse to the boat. Love it here in the townhouse but also looking forward to time in the Bahamas!

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December 01, 2013