MAY--DISCOVERY goes on the hard and back to the cottage near Pentwater, MI

DISCOVERY was hauled out on May 2----first boat after lunch, moderate wind, no rain---good conditions so all went smoothly. Stayed in Deltaville for ten days getting the boat ready for 4 months "on the hard". At least two of the ten days were total "wash outs" due to heavy rain. Completed all the tasks we normally do when leaving the boat for an extended period of time.Yup, lots of work but still found time for play. Al and Arlene (BLUE HEAVEN) stopped in Deltaville on their way to Rock Hall for a couple nights. Met Bill and Sharon on SIMPLE PLEASURE who are from Caseville, Michigan and storing their boat in Deltaville this year. Also, Kris and Craig (TILT) were in Deltaville getting their boat ready to leave "on the hard" for t he summer.

Three haulout photos. Top left is DISCOVERY in the slings. Top right is John with the power washing working on the bottom. Bottom left is DISCOVERY on jackstands (ICW mustache has been removed and the hull has one coat of wax).

Attended the F.D. Crockett Pre-Dedication Party held at the Deltaville Marina. The Crockett is a log-bottom buyboat built in 1924. The log hull was made specifically for a gasoline engine. The deck is low to the water which made it stable for dredging and off-loading produce. Buyboats were "middle men" who purchased oysters directly from Watermen in skips. The oysters were then taken to market. The F. D. Crockett was actively worked until 1995. Deltaville Marina provided appetizers, beer, wine, water and soda for everyone. Below is a watercolor of the F.D. Crockett.

The following pictures were taken at the Pre-Dedication Party. Top left is Matt from the Deltaville Marina and Deltavile Boatyard welcoming everyone to the party. Middle right--the party included music. Pictures on the middle left and right show the wheelhouse. Bottom left is Captain Carl at the wheel. Bottom right is the ship's bell.

The following photos were taken at the potluck with TILT (Kris and Craig) , BLUE HEAVEN (Al and Arlene) and SIMPLE PLEASURE (Bill and Sharon). Top left are Sharon, Bill and Arlene. Top right is Craig, Carl and Al. Bottom left Marilyn, Kris, Arlene and Sharon.

The boatyard is doing a big project for us---a new mast step which means they will be grinding fiberglass and wood. The yard will remove the cushions and mattress before starting the project. I bought space storage bags for the bedding, pillows and towels. These storage bags will be taken off as well. Essentially all soft items will be removed so they aren't exposed to the work dust. We will return to Deltaville in mid-summer to review the project.

Left Deltaville on May 11 taking a different route primarily to avoid the Pennsylvania and Ohio tollways and for a change in scenery. .Followed I-64 across Virginia and West Virginia into eastern Kentucky where we took the John Y Brown AA Highway to Cincinnati. Merged onto I-75 in Cincinnati following it all the way to Toledo where we took 23 to Brighton and finally I-96 to Grand Rapids. It is a longer drive but more scenic and only one short tollway. Stayed in Findlay, OH.

The drive through West Virginia was beautiful. The Camry slowed way down every time we climbed up over a mountain because of all the stuff in the trunk (it was packed full of heavy stuff). In a hurry so the pictures were taken through the car window at 70 mph!!

Arrived in Grand Rapids before noon. Stayed with friend, Pam and Brian for one night. Pam and I had our traditional spring pedicures. Quite embarrassed by the condition of my feet which were like sandpaper. Oh well, my feet are now nice and soft Pam invited Jamie Forte over for dinner. It was fun to talk with Jamie who we had not seen since last September's MSU football game. She was excited about her upcoming trip to Italy where she is taking Italian and a general history course in Rome. After Jamie left--Pam, Brian, Carl and I sat around talking and watching TV.

Arrived at the cottage on Friday, May 13. The cottage looked good--needed a general cleaning but no problems. The yard was as we expected--- full of oak leaves, tree limbs and the grass need a mowing. Turned the furnace on, got the hot water heater going, turned on the water pump, started the wood burner and made beds. Felt good to be back to our land home and sleeping in our own bed. No groceries in the cottage so went out for dinner and for breakfast the next morning. Quick trip to Ludington to Meijers for groceries and cleaning supplies. Over the next week, Carl worked outside. He climbed up on the roof with his leaf blower to remove all the debris, then cleaned the rain gutters followed by blowing the leaves off the deck. The yard needed to be raked before the leaf blower could be used to remove leaves. Our county and township issued burn permits so we burned leaves for two days. Took me a day or two to empty the car's trunk and put all the contents away. Next I concentrated on the flower garden where the leaves and debris have to be removed manually (the plants trap the leaves).

Home in time to see the daffodils in bloom! The next two pictures show how deep the leaves are and how good the garden looks when the leaves are cleared.

Looking out the window one day---saw a fox walking up the driveway. The fox walked over to the empty lot next to us and climbed up on a pile of sticks where it sat in the sun for an hour or so. I know it is hard to see the fox so look closely.

Brought the sea glass that I collected the past 3-4 years with me this summer. Plan to make some jewelry for myself and if I get good enough---will give to family/friends. Every Tuesday afternoon, a number of ladies get together at the Pentwater Artisan Center for various projects including jewelry making. I signed up for a class--a beaded tennis bracelet and I attend a wire wrapping class that meets every Tuesday night. Surprised at the cost of silver and beads.

Jewelry classes. Top left are two of my classmates at the wire wrapping class held every Tuesday night. Top right are a couple ladies at the beaded tennis bracelet class (Kathy the instructor is sitting on the right). Bottom left is my first attempt at wire wrapping--followed directions found on the internet. Bottom right is my first beaded project!

Returned to Grand Rapids for a dinner at Pam and Brian's on May 22. Also invited ---Al and Laurie who were in Greece when we were in Grand Rapids earlier in the month. Big grill night with 3 different kinds of brats and barbeque chicken plus a bunch of sides. I brought dessert. It was a warm and beautiful Sunday evening. Before dinner, the girls sat on the patio sipping wine while the guys sat around in the TV room. Later the guys moved to the deck for grill work while the girls moved to the kitchen. The next day, Pam and I went shopping for jewelry supplies, stainless steel cleaner, and a few other items. I think we hit 7 or 8 different stores!

Below on the left is Pam and Laurie in Pam's kitchen. On the right are the guys (Al, Brian, Carl) on grill duty.

On May 24, picked up 8.5 months of mail from Ron and Jackie who hold it for us while we are cruising. When we picked up the mail, Ron and Jackie were busy getting their sailboat, ATSail ready for the summer cruising so made arrangements with them to meet for dinner in Muskegon a couple days later. Carl and I both opened mail for about 3 hours. Most of if was"junk" except for Christmas cards and a few other things!

The temperature in Michigan for the month of May was very cool. Wore our jeans and shoes for 9 days until the Sunday we drove to Grand Rapids for dinner. The following day a cold front rolled through with cool temperatures that stayed around for another week. The forecast promised warmer weather for Labor Day weekend especially Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Al, Laurie and their new puppy, Chloe, came up for dinner Sunday night. Al wore shorts and a short sleeved shirt based on the weather forecast and darn near froze! Finally on Memorial Day---temperatures in the lower 80's. What a beautiful day. Walked on the beach and sat on the deck. Tuesday (the last day of the month) was beautiful in the morning and early afternoon. A cold front moved through in the evening bringing cooler temperatures but these cooler temperatures again.

Top left is Carl with puppy, Chloe. Top right is Carl during a beach hike. Bottom left is me on a beach hike.

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Marilyn Thoreson
June 1, 2011