JUNE---Pentwater, MI to Beaver Island, MI

Pentwater Stuff:

Finished the yardwork (other than mowing and occasional weeding). The cottage has been thoroughly cleaned (other than routine stuff---sweeping sand is a never ending task). is time to enjoy our time in Pentwater. Go to the Pentwater Artisan Learning Center every Tuesday afternoon for general jewelry making. Made another beaded bracelet. Tuesday night is wire wrapping class--still using cheap wire to learn different techniques. The instructor says we will be ready for the expensive wire in July!

Friends, Kris and Craig, drove up to visit us from Grand Rapids. Had a good time with them as we always do. Drove into Pentwater to check things out; walked the beach; and made a great dinner. Friends, Al & Laurie, and Pam & Brian had dinner with us on the deck one Saturday night. Invited over to Ken and Sharon's for pizza one evening along with Al & Laurie and Brian & Pam.

Every year, Pentwater has a Community Garage Sale. Carl wanted a used lawnmower to replace our 1980 Lawnboy Mower . Found a "new to us" Toro Lawnmower at the first stop. The mower is 2 years old . It looks and cuts like a new mower.


Some of my flowers All that work completed in May has its reward.


Tuesdays at the Pentwater Artisan Center. Carl works on his welding skills by making grappling hooks while I do jewelry!


One of the best things in summer---dinner on the deck with friends. On the left Laurie, Brian, Al and Carl. Missing--Pam who was in the kitchen and me who is behind the camera.


Dinner with Ken and Sharon at their cottage near Ludington. Below is Ken and Sharon in the process of making "what everyone is drinking these days in Italy". Enjoyed appetizers, drinks and then ordered pizza from Lucanios along with Al & Laurie and Pam & Brian.


5th Annual Cruise to Beaver Island on IRISH EYES:

Helped Pam and Brian move IRISH EYES from Muskegon to Pentwater along with Al and Laurie. The trip was perfect for trawlers....a flat, sunny but rather cool day. IRISH EYES stayed in Pentwater for about a week before heading north for the summer.

Pictures taken on IRISH EYES during the trip from Muskegon to Pentwater. Top left is Carl coiling dock lines. Top right is an old USCG (United States Coast Guard) ship at a dock inside the Muskegon channel. Bottom left is the Muskegon channel.


Below top left is Captain Brian wearing his fright wig visor--just a little scary. Top right is Al and Carl eating Pam's most excellent lunch! Bottom left is Laurie holding Chloe next to Pam. The girls are enjoying the sun but notice the blanket to keep them warm. Bottom right is the Pentwater Channel--the day's destination.

Moved our clothes and stuff to the guest quarters on IRISH EYES -- June 26th . Pam, Brian and I left the following morning. Carl stayed temporarily in Pentwater to meet our cottage renters and show them around. Carl drove the car to Frankfort to join up with IRISH EYES. Stayed in Frankfort two nights because a cold front passed through Monday night. The northwest winds following the front kicked up the seas on Tuesday to 4-6 feet (not good for the trawler). The seas settled down by Wednesday morning so we left Frankfort around 7:30 AM headed directly to Beaver Island. Encountered some fog just north of the North Manitou Lighthouse. A good ride except it was very cold. Originaly planned to go to Charlevoix to meet up with Tom Kelly on GORTA MOR. In past years, Carl and I stepped off IRISH EYES in Charlevoix and transferred to GORTA MOR to ride with Tom over to Beaver Island. This year, Tom could not make it due to a problem with his sciatic nerve. Will definitely miss Tom on Beaver Island this year. Tom, get Well Soon!! Arrived at Beaver Island around 5:00 PM.

The following pictures were taken on the Pentwater to Frankfort leg. Top left is the trawler, IRISH EYES, at the dock in Pentwater. Top right is a picture of the houses on the channel. Most of the houses have been remodeled. It would be fun to own one of those houses. Middle left is the Pentwater Piers as IRISH EYES heads out. Middle right is the car ferry, BADGER---slowed IRISH EYES down so the BADGER could pass in front of us. Bottom left is the Big Point Sable Lighthouse.

The pictures below were taken on the Frankfort to Beaver Island leg. Top left is a picture of the town of Frankfort. Top right and middle left is the Frankfort USCG Station. Middle right are sand dunes just before heading through the South Manitou Passage. Bottom left is the chartplotter and radar. That big "I" is the North Manitou Lighthouse signal. Bottom right is the big old North Manitou Lighthouse.


More pictures of the Frankfort to Beaver Island leg. Top left is Carl and I at the helm.--autopilot, radar and chartplotter do the work. Top right is Pam, Carl and I about 5 miles out from Beaver Island. Middle left is the Beaver Island Lighthouse. Middle right is the Beaver Island USCG Station now owned by Central Michigan University. Bottom left is Fran Pike, Chairman of the Welcoming Committee. Bottom right is Carl, Brian and Roger Summers (Long standing member of the Welcoming Committee). Pam and Brian have been going to Beaver Island for decades making friends with so many people. About 30 minutes after securing the lines to the dock.....their friends come visiting.


Submitted by:

Marilyn Thoreson
July 2, 2011