JULY--Beaver Island, MI (America's Emerald Isle) to North Dakota and Back to Pentwater, MI

Protar Trail is our favorite trail to hike on Beaver Island.


Two picnics on the marina lawn while on Beaver Island. Our group (Al & Laurie, Tom on GORTA MOR, and Pam & Brian on IRISH EYES) enjoys food. Special guests at the first picnic were Terry and Suzanne on CHASSEUR and Pat & Craig (ISLAND TIME). Terry and Suzanne sold their home to go cruising on their sailboat. Current plans are to go to Marathon in the Florida Keys (maybe the Bahamas). Below is a sampling of some of the tasty food. Yes, that is Carl holding the salad he prepared under the supervision of Pam. Last photo---Italian sausages on the grill.


Around 4:00 PM every afternoon is Guinness Time for Tom (GORTA MOR). For Laurie and I it is Oberon Time!


July 4th.....Independence Day. Beaver Island's Parade doesn't start until Island Air completes their flyover and the Restored Bi-wing performs aerobatic maneuvers.


The Marines lead the parade followed by the AmVets. It was a hot day .....concerned how the heat would affect the older guys marching in their uniforms. Many of them carry extra weight in addition to their guns and flags. None of the military guys suffered from heat exhaustion.....poor Batman had to be cooled down. .After the parade, back to IRISH EYES for drinks compliments of Pat and Craig (ISLAND TIME). Pat made some refreshing mojitos and Painkillers. Lots of appetizers to hold us over until fireworks.

Out for dinner the last night on the island. Circle M re-opened so the group decided to try it out. Good times and good dinner.


Welke Airport where we caught a flight on Island Air over to the Charlevoix Airport where the car was parked. Carl enjoyed sitting in the co-pilot's seat! Drove straight to East Grand Forks, MN from Charlevoix (14 hours).




Visited with William and Shelly Thoreson who live in East Grand Forks. Out to Little Bangkok restaurant for dinner one night. Photo on left is William and Shelly. Stopped in York, ND to visit with John and Suzie Thoreson. John and Suzie live in the house where Carl lived as a kid. John and Suzie's girls were in York when we stopped by. Photo on the right--standing is Sarah and Emily. Sitting is Andie and her baby, Bowie. Last photo is Bowie with Grandmother Suzie.


Celebrated my Mother's 80th birthday. Great to see my three sisters and one brother.....had not been together since 2000. Had an Open House for my Mom at the church and then an extended family gathering in the backyard. The photos below were taken by my cousin Jenny before the Open House started.


Photos from the Open House--the cake, flowers, one of many fruit plates and finally my Mom and her siblings.



Stopped in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) to visit Beth and Erling (Beth is Carl's sister). It was pretty hot. One day it was overcast and a bit cooler (around 85) so we drove down to Lake Pepin. Lake Pepin is a naturally occurring lake and is the widest part of the Mississippi River about 60 miles downstream from Saint Paul. Beautiful day....very scenic. Stopped at a Creamery for lunch and some rich ice cream. You can tell from the photos that it was hazy.


Toured the Summit Brewery in Saint Paul. Kari (Beth and Erling's daughter) joined us. The beer was good especially the Belgian Style Abbey Ale (Unchained Series---developed by one of the brewmasters for limited sales) and the Saga IPA. Everyone was given 3 tickets for tasting after the tour. One ticket for a 12 oz glass of beer. Carl drank the root beer and was the designated driver.


From Saint Paul drove to Sheboygan, WI where we stayed with Jo and Bruce. A beautiful evening for dinner on the deck. In the morning had time to stroll the beach before heading to Manitowoc to catch SS Badger the car ferry that runs between Ludington and Manitowoc In the Badger parking lot there were 2 trucks carrying pedestals for a wind farm that is being built southeast of Ludington. Fun to watch the pedestal being loaded on the Badger.


Finally departure time. What prop wash! That sea wall was undulating like a snake.


Beautiful day for a crossing. Wind from the south so we found seats on the top deck starboard side to get a cooling breeze. Relaxed--read and caught a few zzzzz's under the lifeboats.

Its good to be back at the cottage.


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Marilyn Thoreson
July 31, 2012