JULY--Beaver Island, MI to Pentwater, MI

Staying onboard IRISH EYES with Pam and Brian. Friends, Al and Laurie, arrived on the island from Grand Rapids via Fresh Air Airlines in time for dinner at the Pike's. Original plan was for Fran and MaryJean to have dinner on IRISH EYES but the Pikes suggested we come out to their place instead. MaryJean also invited Fran's Mom, Fran's sister and husband, and Fran's brother and wife. Had a good time.

The pictures below were taken during "Happy Hour" on the deck at Fran and MaryJean Pike's place.


These pictures were taken right before dinner which was served in the gazebo called "Glengarriff".


The photos below were taken while hanging around the boat. Top left is Pam checking her email while Laurie is on the phone with daughter, Jamie, who is in Europe. Top right is Carl enjoying an afternoon nap. Bottom left if me sitting on my favorite seat eating dinner.


The guys decided to check out the Bi-plane at the Beaver Island Airport. They talked about taking a ride but didn't. Wonder if cost was a factor?? I took a picture of the biplane flying over the harbor because I thought one of the guys were probably on board. Nope!


Pam, Laurie and I went to THREE MEN AND A TENOR at the Beaver Island Community Center. The name suggests a barbershop or classical music show. This group sings pop, classic rock, country and Motown. They have been together since 1992.....all four graduates of Michigan State University. The "men" in the group--Paul, Chuck and Mark are all about 6 feet 4 inches. Glenn, the tenor, stands at 5 feet. The show was fantastic. Pictures from THREE MEN AND A TENOR. On the left are the girls headed to the show and on the right is the stars.


All six of us went to see BEAVER TALES ....a Beaver Island Community Players production of unique songs, videos and skits about island life. The picture below was taken in the theater. Second row up--left to right is Al, Pam and Carl. Third row up---left to right me, Laurie and Brian.


The main event.....4th of July Celebration. Pam always decorates the boat--inside and out. First two photos show some of the interior decorations. The bottom left is a photo of the gang all dressed in red, white and/or blue. Bottom right is some of the appetizers served. It is a good thing we don't eat dinner the night of July 4!! After appetizers we sit around drinking and waiting for fireworks. Oh, this year the show did not have a 'grand finale" because of a misfire so the show ended abruptly. No one was hurt but the guys setting the fireworks off were "shaken".


Patiently waiting for the parade to start. On the left are the guys--Carl, Al and Brian. On the right are other spectators seated next to us.


The parade starts with a flyover by the Beaver Island Airline. The AmVets are in position number one. Later in the parade was a float with the Red Hat Society.


In past years, the parade on Beaver Island typically included a politically incorrect float. Not this year with the theme "IN TRIBUTE TO OUR ARMED SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN. The float shown in the top two pictures was a USO float. I thought the guy with the gun would shoot us with water but he didn't (this year, parade participants were asked to curb the water gun fights). I guess he was strictly to guard the stars sponsored by USO--Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, Nancy Sinatra (white boots for walking) and the Andrew Sisters.

Below on the left who else but Uncle Sam. On the right is the Ambassador from Hog Island (participates every year). Hey, Carl and I almost bought a sailboat from this guy back in 1982.

Below are a couple more floats with cute kids.


Lots of Super Heroes in the parade this year. Some of these costumes look like the hero would be warm/hot in them. Notice Cat Woman's skin tight fake leather outfit in the bottom picture.


My favorite float is the double decker vehicle. Seems like more people are on it every year. I wonder when it will tip over (top heavy from all the people). This float includes patriotic music and lots of flags.

Time to leave Beaver Island via Fresh Air Airlines. Top left is the Beaver Island terminal. Notice the "new wood'. Just a few days before our departue, a lady parked outside the fence (backed in ) thought she was in forward but was in reverse. When the car went backward instead of forward...she panicked and mistook the accelerator for the break (slamming it down). The car whipped into the landing field and finally curved around to slam into the terminal building lobby. No one was hurt. Just to be safe (ha ha), we sat on the benches outside the terminal waiting for our plane. Top right and bottom left are the gang sitting on the benches waiting for our flight. Bottom right is our plane (5 passengers plus the pilot).


All aboard! Photo top left was taken in the back seat looking forward. Carl and Al are in the center seats; Laurie and I are in the back seats. Photo on top right was taken right after takeoff. Middle left is a photo of the coast off Beaver Island. Middle right is the mainland coast as we approached Charlevoix. Bottom left you can see the Charlevoix channel, Round Lake and then Lake Charlevoix. Bottom right was taken on our final approach.


Into Pentwater to attend a few town events. Top left and right were taken during the Pentwater Fine Arts Fair--a few of the tents and people on the street. Bottom left is a photo of Debbie and I at the Pentwater Dairy Creme. Debbie and I worked together back at Upjohn/Pharmacia/Pfizer. Debbie and her husband, Ray, came up one afternoon for lunch and a tour of Pentwater. Bottom right is a photo taken at the Pentwater Antique Show.


The Pentwater Yacht Club hosts the "BACK FROM THE MAC" party annually. Racers returning from Mackinac Island are invited to stop in Pentwater. The public is also invited. $15.00 per person provides food (roasted a pig and grilled brats, corn on the cob, various cold salads, brownies and cookies) and music. Drinks were extra. The roast pig was excellent. The band, Mid Life Crises was good.

Still using cheap wire for wire wrapping. The sterling silver wire is too expensive to waste on experiments. Below are a few of my experiments. Oh, the pearl earring are not an experiment. I used sterling for them!

Finally, the flower garden which still needs work. I "heard" this is a good time to thin out the irises and day lilies because they like to be transferred into warm soil. Not quite ready for that job.

This is the first time since 2004 that we have spent most of July in our cottage. Drove to Kalamazoo several times for various appointments. The weather has been great.....3 days of extreme heat but not as hot as inland. The lake really makes a difference when it is hot. Read a couple good books from the Pentwater Library and watched a few DVD movies. All in all.......Life Is Good!

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Marilyn Thoreson
July 31, 2011