JULY--Beaver Island, Michigan to North Dakota to Montana

At Beaver Island July 1-July 6 onboard  IRISH EYES with the McLenithans (Captain Brian and First-Mate Pam). Located across the dock at the Beaver Island Yacht Dock is GORTA MOR with Captain Tom Kelly and his guests, Al and Laurie Forte.  Al and Laurie sold their Sabreliner Trawler this past May---purchased a Tiara "go fast" in July. The Tiara was not ready for cruising so Al and Laurie stayed on board GORTA MOR during their stay on Beaver Island.

Activities on Beaver Island included: daily hikes with Carl, Pam and Laurie; attending the Shea Laurel performance at the Community Center; the annual Beaver Island 4th of July Parade and lighted Boat Parade; Guinness Hour at the Shamrock; dinner at Fran and Mary Jean Pike's home; and lots of food, wine and laughs. Caught a flight from Beaver Island to Charlevoix. Good weather for driving to North Dakota (cool and clear).

The following pictures were taken during dinner at Fran and Mary Jean Pike's. Fran and Mary Jean have beautiful home with a great gazebo where many parties have been held. Attending dinner--Fran, Mary Jean, Pam, Brian, Laurie, Al, Tom, Carl and I. Included in this group of pictures is a lake view from the gazebo.

The next two pictures were taken during the Shea Laurel performance at the Beaver Island Community Center. Shea Laurel is talented family from California who sold their home, left their jobs, took the kids out of school and hit the road to entertain until it was no longer fun. The family is so talented--the show is high energy. The "kids" have one number where they get into a line and play another person's fiddle!

The next four pictures were taken during the annual 4th of July parade.

Below are pictures taken during one of our hikes with Pam and Laurie.

Caught a flight from Beaver Island to Charlevoix where our car was parked at the airport. First picture is Carl and I standing next to the plane. The second picture was taken from the window in the plane as we approached Charlevoix.

Attended two big family events in North Dakota---my Dad's 80th birthday party and Carl's niece's wedding.  For the birthday celebration---4 of 5 siblings attended the party--my brother, Dave, from Missouri along with his sons, David and Cody; my sister, Cheryl, who lives in Belcourt, ND and did the party planning for us; and my sister, Evonne, from Seattle and her husband, Lauren. Saturday night there was a traditional Lewis Campfire for about 40 people who roasted their own hotdogs and made their own s' mores. Sunday was an Open House at a local Country Club for about 110 people. My parents were very pleased with the party. My Dad's favorite part was the champagne toast.

The next pictures below were taken at my Dad's 80th Birthday party which included two events--the Saturday night Campfire and a Sunday Open House. The first three pictures were taken during the campfire event--nephew, Cody Lewis, completing a toss in Norwegian Golf; and roasting hotdogs and marshmellows for S' Mores.  The next two pictures are of the cake and the fruit tray. Pictures six, seven and eight are just a few of the guests greeted by Dad at the door. The last picture is of Dad's nephew, Terry, who sang two special songs for Dad's Birthday.

This picture was taken the last night my sister, Evonne, was in North Dakota. Cheryl, Evonne and I went to the Viking Inn Bar in Rolla for a girl's night out. My cousin, Kernis (also in the picture), was the bartender so we were treated to a few free drinks.

The next weekend was the wedding for Sarah Thoreson and Jeff Krumweide. Carl and I went to East Grand Forks on Thursday where we stayed with William and Shelly Thoreson overnight. All of Carl's nephews and nieces attended the wedding so there were lots of out of town guests. William and Shelly volunteered to have an informal cookout for the out of towners. Because William and Shelly attended the Rehearsal Dinner, Carl and I volunteered to "host" the cookout while they were at the Rehearsal Dinner. Shelly made a batch of her famous sloppy joes; William made his famous bean, corn and tomato salsa dip; and I made two pans of scotcheroos (yummy bars) and a pan of baked beans. To quench the thirst---many bottles of beer, a big box of wine and sodas. Lots of people sitting around a campfire eating, drinking and talking.  Saturday afternoon was the wedding ceremony at the UND Chapel. Sarah was so beautiful and Jeff so handsome. After the ceremony was a reception at the hotel most of us were staying at. The reception was a blast. It has been years since Carl's family was all together.

The following pictures were taken at the cookout for out of towners.  The first picture is the Thoreson siblings (Carl, William, John, Beth and Anne). Next is Jerome Tufte with his girlfriend, Anna. Picture three is Andie Thoreson and Eric Thoreson. Emily Thoreson is in the next picture. The last picture is John Tufte with his wife, Kari, and daughter, Olivia (son Leif was still sleeping in the car).

The next group of pictures were taken at the wedding. The first two pictures are of the happy parents, Suzie and John Thoreson! The third picture shows the bridesmaids. Picture four and five are of the lovely bride and groom, Jeff and Sarah.

The next group of pictures are of the "Thoreson family--some with their special guest". First picture is Eric Thoreson with his girlfriend, Kate. Next is Rebecca Thoreson with her boyfriend, Randy. Picture three is Shelly Thoreson (don't know where her husband, William, was!). Picture four is Elle (Carl's grandniece). Picture five is Jesse Tufte (Elle's Mom) with her boyfriend, Patrick. Picture six shows all the nieces and nephews. The last picture is....Carl and me!!


These following two pictures were taken during the wedding dance. First is Jeff and Sarah opening the dance! The last picture is grandnephew Leif and grandniece, Sonja, "cutting the rug" with Carl's niece, Kari, in the background.

Before leaving North Dakota, we drove to York to visit John and Suzie Thoreson. Stopped in Wolford on the way. My Dad started his short teaching career in Wolford. I wanted to see the house we lived in. Because we moved from "married student housing" in Minot to this house in Wolford---the house felt like a mansion at the time. The house is pretty small for a family of six. The second picture is a canola field.....miles of rolling hills covered with yellow flowers. The last two pictures are new wind generators just west of Wolford. North Dakota is the leading state for wind energy potential.  The biggest obstacle in wind power is storage--there aren't any viable options for storing the wind energy at this point so what is produced is used immediately. The universities are conducting research to solve this problem.

Stayed in North Dakota until July 15th when we drove out to Bozeman, Montana to stay with Carl's sister, Anne. Activities included: daily hikes, Farmer's Market on Saturday and Tuesday, Music on Main on Thursday nightsand lots of good food. While we were in the Bozeman area, Shelly Thoreson arrived from East Grand Forks to visit her son, Eric, who lives up near Big Sky so we also spent time with Shelly!

The following two pictures were taken when Carl and I hiked "The M" with Jesse and Elle. The letter "M" was made by Montana State University Students in 1915---250 foot whitewashed rocks stacked to form an M. The hike has an elevation gain of 850 feet and takes about an hour. The view just below the letter "M" is fantastic.

Carl and I are fans of woodfire pizzas. The Bozeman Farmer's Market had a woodfire pizza oven on wheels!

Hiked Beehive Basin Trail with Shelly Thoreson, Anne Thoreson, Carl--me too. The hike is 6.5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1200 feet. At the end of the trail is a lake with wide open views. The meadows were full of beautiful wildflowers--the red flower is Paint Brush.  A little further up the trail we found a snow bank so it was cold!

Last hike of the month was to Lava Lake----6 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1600 feet. Hikers--Shelly, Anne, Tess (Anne's friend), Carl and me too!

Submitted by:
Marilyn Thoreson
August 10, 2009