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Last Update to Trip Log January 4, 2014


We are providing this web site so our friends and family can follow our travels aboard Discovery and hopefully live part of our adventure with us. After two years of cruising we are still having a good time and plan to continue for another year as of June 2007.

Navigate our Web Site using the above Links

  • The "Trip Log", published monthly, provides details and pictures of our trip.
  • The"Published Schedule" provides some key dates and destinations.
  • The "Position Reports" are furnished on other web sites that we report to every time we change locations.
  • The "Cottage for Rent" link will take you to additional information about our home. Our home on Lake Michigan is for rent while we are away.
  • The "Boat Project" link is for the benifit of all Saga Owners.  Owners are encouraged to provide photos and other input.  Please call or email at the above links.