Cloudspitter's Water Maker Cabinet

The following pictures are of the cabinet that houses most of the water maker componets on Doug and Marianne Taylor's Saga 43, "Cloudsplitter".  The manufacture of the water maker is SK Watermakers, Inc. located in Vero Beach, FL.  The cabinet houses the memberanes, filters, valves, control panel and most of the hoses.  The high pressure pump and feed pump are located under the floor boards.  The sea water is sourced from a tee into the deck wash line.  The brine discharge is plumbed to the discharge hose location mid ship on the port side.  Product water is routed to a new opening threaded into the top of the port water tank. The watermaker produces 12 - 15 gallons of water per hour and is a 110 volt unit. The cabinet is attached to the wall using pull apart hinges inableing easy access to the floor boards for access to the pumps and other items that are below the floor.