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NOVEMBER----New Bern, NC to Vero Beach, FL

Drive from Michigan Continues:

Left Grand Rapids, MI early, early in the morning of Halloween....we call it O'Dark-thirty! Stayed overnight in Goldsboro, NC. Up again early the next morning so we could get DISCOVERY'S sails down and folded before the nasty, squally cold front arrived. DISCOVERY is at a dock in New Bern. Stopping at the boat to take the sails down for the winter and winterize the engine and water system. Mission accomplished by 5:00 PM. DISCOVERY looked pretty good---yes she was in need of a good scrub but other than that she is mighty fine. Got a hold of one of the boat contractors later in the month to clean DISCOVERY up.

Stayed with Barb and Jerry (KUMBAYA) just outside of New Bern. Jerry prepared an outstanding dinner for the four of us. He had intended to grill the salmon but by dinner time the cold front was in full force....the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and it started to rain. After dinner, Barb showed me some of her jewelry projects! Had a great night's sleep. Our intention was so get up early and quietly leave before Barb and Jerry were up for the day. However, they saw us off with a cup of coffee and warned us to be careful on the road (deer).

Made great time on the last leg of our journey to Vero Beach. Only stopped for fuel and restrooms. What did we eat? Pretzels and licorice! Bob and Bev invited us over for appetizers and drinks about 30 minutes after our arrival. It is great to be welcomed home!

Getting Settled:

Much to my surprise it only took me a day and a half to unpack the van. Lots of space for our clothes (two dressers and a walk-in closet). The kitchen cupboards are utilized up to the shelves that I can reach without a stool.When I finally purchase a stool, will place the infrequently used items on the higher shelves but until I get a stool the arrangement I have works.

One of the top priorities....TV and internet. We are both addicted to internet and want to watch college football on TV so off to Sam's Club where we purchased a package--Direct TV and internet through comcast. Oh so many channels to watch.

Continued to watch Craigslist for furniture. Found two dressers that I painted---one dresser is now our TV console and the other one is the entryway console. Also found a mirror (decorated it with green starfish), two table lamps, glass and metal coffee and end table, two small dressers (using in the master bath and downstairs bathroom) and a Tommy Bahama-like chair for the living room. Most of our "needs" have been met but I still check it daily for a couple "wants". Bought a chair for my desk and two little lamps at a consignment store.

Projects--the TV console in the top photos. On left "before" with 8 coats of paint. On the right--"after" Bottom left is our downstairs bathroom with one of the little dressers (the other is in the master bathroom). On the right is our temporary entryway console. I say temporary because Carl worked on a design to build an entryway console this past summer. I still want him to build it!

All three showers needed attention (maintenance). Carl took this project on. Ripped out dried and cracking caulking and replaced the caulking in the shower downstairs. The guest bathroom on the second floor---ripped out dry caulking, replaced the ceramic soap dish and replaced missing grout in a few places followed by a grout sealer. The master bath was the biggest job.....three tiles were loose, old caulking and replaced some missing grout.

Ordered new pots and pans from Amazon (my birthday gift). Carl installed a stainless steel pull out double shelf in one of the bottom cabinets for my pots and pans. He had a devil of a time getting the shelf inside the cabinet. This pull out makes it so much easier to access the pots and pans. Speaking of birthday gift ....also purchased a wool hooked rug from Arlene (BLUE HEAVEN). It is hanging in the dining room---a great addition.

Photos below show Miss Mermaid. I glued the sand dollar to the rug (Arlene provided several options for me to use--shells, pearls, etc). Used a simple curtain rod to hang the rug. Things can't be too simple for me so I did wired some beads and pearls to the end of the rod.

Below--pots and pans in the stainless steel shelf. Makes access so easy.

Started re-finishing the desk, bookshelf and file drawer that I found on Craigslist last year. These pieces offered a different challenge---some surfaces were formica . Sanded, deglossed, 2 coats of primer followed by a blue latex paint. Didn't quite finish before the month ended. Stay tuned for finished pieces in December's log.


Social Stuff:

Had dinner at Bob's and Bev's along with Di and Jay shortly after we arrived in Vero Beach. Bob and Bev were driving around in Bev's convertible and decided to stop at Fresh Market for dinner supplies. A couple nights later, Di and Jay had us over for dinner along with Bob and Bev and special guests Dee and Ron (Ursula Minor). Dee and Ron are old dockmates of Di, Jay, Bob and Bev when they were in Texas.

Had a Happy Hour at our place with Di, Jay, Bob, Bev, Fred and Cathy (SCOTCH MIST) one Sunday evening. Decided it was time for us to host an event! We just finished painting the TV console so it was no longer sitting on the floor and we had an end table with a lamp for lighting which made our home suitable for a party! Next month ......maybe prepare a dinner for guests!!

Finally met up with Kris and Craig (TILT). Usually see them during the summer but this year our schedules did not work so it had been too long since we were together. They came over for pizza and Sequence. Invited for dinner at Rose's and Keith's (CAMELOT) home along with TILT, WINDBORNE (Pat and Mac) and BAREFOOT 'N (Francie and Bobbie). Lots of cruising stories exchanged over good food and wine.

Saturday afternoons .....Bison football. The Bison are the number Two Seed in the FCS Playoffs. The playoffs started on 11/29. The Bison had a bye so we watched Montana State lose to South Dakota State. South Dakota State will play the Bison the first Saturday in December.

Kris got the Thursday night Happy Hour at the marina up and going for the season. We enjoy going to the Happy Hours to see people we met cruising in the past 9 years.

Lynn and Peter Forgosh (FIRST EDITION) arrived in Vero Beach on Sunday of Thanksgiving week. Dinner to celebrate their arrival at Bob's and Bev's along with FIRST EDITION's friends, Vickie and Len Tillman, who are going to the Bahamas for the first time this year. Also at dinner---Di and Jay. Bev made lasagna and the rest of us filled in with sides, salads, appetizers and dessert. A good time was had by each and every one!!

Top left Di and Bev. Top right Bob and Lynn. Bottom left is Peter, Jay and Di. Bottom right is Len, Vickie and Carl



Enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with about 198 other people. The city provides a facility for the cruisers, turkey and ham is provided by CLODS (cruisers living on dirt) and the cruisers bring the side dishes. People proceed to the buffet table by number (drawn from a hat). Our table (Curt & Kathy on FIVE AND DIME, TILT, Doug and Marianne formerly on CLOUDSPLITTER) were last. By the time we were called, the sides were almost entirely gone. Thank goodness there was turkey and ham!!

People!!! Top left is Doug and Marianne our former cruising buddies from 2005/2006. They sold CLOUDSPLITTER....now have a motorhome. Top right is BAREFOOT'N (Bobbie and Francie) and SMILES (Jim and Betsy). Bottom left is Carl, Doug and Marianne. Bottom right is Burt, George and Pru. Burt and Pru are on EXUBERANT/George is on DELICIA.


Top left is Corbett and Robin (COOKIE MONSTER). On the right is Dave and Kathy (DYAD). Bottom left is Kris (TILT) and Curt (FIVE AND DIME). Bottom right is Michael (PAGAN CHANT), Carl, Bentley (SALTY PAWS), Craig (TILT) and me in the front!


Below is Linda and Rick on SOJOURNER.

The food we didn't have the opportunity to even taste (slight exaggeration).


Music after dinner

Ended the month with dinner at Fred's and Cathy's home followed by Sequence.

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Marilyn Thoreson
December 01, 2014