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MAY--Georgetown, KY to Pentwater, MI

Continuing our journey home to Pentwater, MI having left DISCOVERY in New Bern, NC. True to "tradition", stayed in Grand Rapids for a couple days with Pam and Brian before completing the journey. Hoped the weather would warm up just a bit before heading to the cottage. In hindsight, would have had to spend the entire month with Pam and Brian if we would have waited for warmer weather!

While in Grand Rapids, did some shopping for shoes......high heels for my niece's wedding and hiking shoes for our Alaska Land trip. Also Pam and I had a pedicures (my feet were rough as 80 grade sandpaper). In the evening, enjoyed good food, good wine and movies. Thanks Pam and Brian for your hospitality.

The cottage "wintered" fairly well. I unpacked the car (two day job) and cleaned the cottage interior while Carl cleared the leaves from the deck and yard. Ordered wood for the wood burner and stacked it when it arrived. Use the furnace to heat up the cottage in the morning then keep it warm with the wood burner. The other day, Carl said "No more wood burning after May 31." My response, "Depends on the temperature!"

Two rics of firewood to stack. Hopefully this will keep us warm this spring and in the fall before leave for Florida.


Go to the Pentwater Artisan Center on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday afternoon I work on jewelry and started meeting with the knitters (will work on my jewelry later this summer). Thursday morning is basket weaving followed by knitting in the afternoon. Tuesday evening, the ladies go out as a group for dinner.....it is always a good time. Went to the Women's Club Wine and Art Scholarship Benefit at the Pentwater Yacht Club. Some fantastic wine (provided by Hansen's Grocery in Hart) and I won two silent bids (Raku fired vase and a framed print).

My first basket. Wanted to make a big one---it was suggested that I try a smaller one first! Maybe I'll finish it by June's posting.

Necklace and earrings for the Artisan Center Fundraiser.


Women at the Artisan Center have been busy this past winter knitting Einstein Sweater Coats. I wanted one too. Its a big project! The first piece is the biggest (bottom of coat--full circumference). Purchased 10 skeins and used 2 skeins so far.



Shopped in Muskegon for our trip to Alaska ......needed a second large luggage (had only one large one), bought a few tops/shirts for both of us and a pair of jeans. Everything we need (or at least we think we need) is laid out on the bed in the guest room. Will pack it up a day or two before we leave.

Clothes and shoes ready to be packed. Wish it would all fit into one suitcase but will need two suitcases. Dress clothes for the wedding and sweaters, longjohns, jeans, fleece jackets, etc. layering.


Pam and Brian came for a visit Saturday of Memorial Weekend. The four of us rode into Pentwater in Brian's snappy car--in Pentwater we walked the pier. Pam and I checked out a couple shops while the guys waited for us in the car. Drinks and appetizers on the deck at the cottage followed by dinner (inside because when the sun went down.....so did the temperature). After dinner we sat around and talked. Had a simple breakfast (English Muffins and fruit) before Pam and Brian left.

Photos of Pam and Brian. On the left---A Man and his car .....keeping it clean while parked in our driveway! On the right is A Man, His Car and His Woman.


Sunday evening of Memorial Day Weekend, had dinner at Ken's and Sharon's---13 people in total. Brought a couple appetizers that by accident complimented the smoked salmon provided by Michael and Jill. Great salad, baked pasta, bread and desserts. Had a good time.

Appetizers on the left. On the right is Paulette, Leslie and Ed.

On the left--Jill, Paul and Sharon. On the right is Carl and Chris.

The guys headed to the sun deck for Oberon Beer before dinner. Eventually, everyone gathered on the sun deck. On the left is Ken. On the right is Bill (with Sharon coming down the steps).


Monday we attended the Memorial Day Parade in Pentwater. A great small town parade ......veterans lead the parade followed by the Pentwater Elementary and High School Marching Bands. The parade finished about 30 minutes before it started to pour rain. Talk about luck.

Small town parade.


Drove over to visit cruising friends, Chris and Karen (formerly on SYNERGY) near Claire, MI. Chris and Karen are living in a home that is owned by Chris and his two brothers while they develop their own property (close by). Had lunch on the deck then drove over to the new property. Exciting times for Chris and Karen.

Chris and Karen sitting in the screened deck.



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Marilyn Thoreson
May 31, 2014