We have been at the slip in Pentwater, MI for all of June preparing for the trip. Many small projects are completed and being five minutes away from the Artisan Center with all their equipment has made many of these tasks simplier. The only remaining task is to install the radar mount and reinstall the radar. The radar mount is being modified to be independent of the standing rigging so that radar capability can be maintained while the mast is down through the rivers and canals between Montreal and New York.

We have ordered and should be receiving a radio modem next week so we will have email direct to the boat at all times. Not having to look for a place to get internet connection will facilitate frequent communication. The new system will provide only e-mail communication; no internet connection. The email address will be provided once the system is up and running. For now, our address remains the same,

We have only a few items left to pack and store at the cottage. About one day of work and we will be moved out.

July 1 we sell the Toyota Truck, one less vehicle to store and all the other associated issues.

Marilyn will leave for North Dakota on July 1 for a reunion and I will continue to prepare for the departure. Marilyn's return is scheduled for July 11 so we will leave Pentwater with the first good winds after July 11.

July 2 we have our first cottage renters so there is no going back home at that point.

Friends are starting to leave on their summer adventures and good byes are making the trip seem like it is really going to happen. It felt odd waving to Pam and Brian, our long time sailing friends on IRISH EYES, as they left on their summer cruise knowing we will not see them for some time.

It is now July 7 and I am late getting this posted. We are still on schedule to leave between July 12 and July 15.