JUNE--- Pentwater, MI to Beaver Island, MI (America's Emerald Isle)


While weather isn't as important when living on dirt; I continue to check the forecast (Weather Underground) every morning. The highest temperature for the month was 92 degrees while the lowest temperature was 45 degrees. The average high temperature was 80 while the average low was 55. Had 1.15 inches of rain of which 1 inch fell within 90 minutes on the same day! Several fronts passed through so it was windy ......highest gust was 50 mph! The northwest clocking north winds following the front brought cold air from Canada. Only a few thunderstorms with the fronts. All in all the weather was a pretty nice. Spring is slowly changing to summer. Oh and the days are so all the daylight.

Routine Stuff:

Carl worked on the antenna for his single side band radio (SSB). Finally "perfected" it by the end of the month. Still getting interference from all the electrical wires around the house. Listen to the same SSB nets we follow while cruising in the Bahamas. Carl ordered so many pieces and parts it seemed like Fed Ex or UPS stopped with a package on a daily basis!

Most of the appointments we scheduled in May were completed in June. Fortunate. to schedule the dental, financial advisor and tax consultant all on the same day in Kalamazoo. Both of us had our annual physicals on the same day with our doctor who relocated to Hesperia, MI. Hey, had to look for Hesperia on the map before heading to our appointment. As we approached the "city limits", Carl asked "What is Hesperia known for?" Didn't know the answer to his question. Later looked Hesperia up on the internet. Have to say it is rather "unknown". According to Hesperia's Chamber of Commerce ....there are two local stories of how Hesperia received its name. The first was that it was an Indian name for "beautiful gardens", since the area was once home Indian tribes. The second was that it was named from Hesperides in Greek Mythology, meaning "blissful garden", located in the western part of Greece. At one point in time.....the town had a sawmill.That is all I can say about Hesperia.

I am still into wire wrapping. Go to the Artisan Center in Pentwater Tuesday afternoons to work on jewelry with other women. We meet at 2 PM and work until 5 PM then go out for dinner together. Starting to learn some beading techniques. Made two pieces for the Artisan Center Raffle Fund Raiser.

Below on the left is a seaglass and charm bracelet I made for the Artisan Center Fund Raiser Raffle. It has a dozen nautical/beach charms, wire wrapped white sea glass and pearls. On the right is a necklace I made for "kicks". Did not get a photograph of the second necklace I made for the Artisan Center Raffle.


Made an effort to walk (get some exercise). Walked the beach 45 minutes to an hour every morning except days when we had appointments. Lake Michigan is "down" so there is a lot of beach to walk. There is nothing as peaceful and relaxing as walking a beach.

Special Events:

Kris and Craig (TILT) came up for a visit the first Saturday of the month. Went for a walk on the beach and then .....cocktails with appetizers, dinner and dessert. Kris brought appetizers and dessert. I made Caribbean Curry Chicken as the entree. Caught up on the latest cruisers' news. Kris and Craig stayed overnight .I made a veggie oven egg dsih.for breakfast using a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Pentwater has an Annual Garage Sale Day. in June. I hit a few garage sales the day before the official garage sale day. Found some old jewelry that I will take apart to use on future jewelry projects. Also purchased a Catch Phrase for only $1.50 which I plan to take to North Dakota later this summer. The day of the official garage sale .....a bust for me! Carl found 3 oak shelves that he installed in the office/third bedroom to hold all his radio stuff. Had to alter them in order for them to work!

Worked the Artisan Center's tent at the Pentwater Spring Fest Art and Craft Show both days of the show. Easy work.....sell raffle tickets. The Artisan Center had 42 items (donated by members) for the raffle. Raised over $2000 for the center. I bought a bunch of tickets but did not win a thing. Saw Lois Hatch er.....a former sailor from days on Lake Michigan. Talked with her while "working".

Drove down to Muskegon to help Brian and Pam launch IRISH EYES. Can't say we helped all that much. There is one activity (raising the radar arc) that Brian needs help with otherwise we didn't do a thing other than watch Pam clean the dinghy and the boat being launched. Discussed the schedule for moving the boat from Muskegon to Pentwater and then on to Beaver Island.

Met Ron and Jackie Baden in Whitehall for dinner one night at the Harbor View Grille. Enjoyed seeing them and catching up on their summer plans. I really liked the restaurant .....think it is the best restaurant from Ludington to Muskegon.


On Saturday (6/23), Carl and I drove down to Muskegon. Carl helped Brian move IRISH EYES to Pentwater while Pam and I drove the cars to Pentwater. Sunday morning, Brian and Carl drove two cars to Charlevoix---left our Accord at the airport and returned in Brian's car. Sunday morning, while the guys were "spotting a car at the airport", I got our cottage ready for renters. In the afternoon, Pam and I did a provisioning run to Wal-mart and Meijers in Muskegon. Stayed onboard IRISH EYES Sunday night (6/24).

Too windy to leave on Monday. At the pierhead by 7:00 AM Tuesday morning headed to Northport. Arrived in Northport around 8:00 PM. While underway, I made a Mexican Casserole that we ate after docking in Northport. Stayed two nights in Northport. Pam, Carl and I went for a walk in the morning. In the afternoon, Pam and I checked out the shops. I made an baked Chicken Parma dish for dinner. Barb's Bakery in Northport is famous for their cinnamon twists. Made a quick run to the bakery Thursday morning before heading to Round Lake in Charlevoix. It was such a nice day so we sat on the open fly bridge the entire trip.

The Pentwater Channel has not been dredged for a couple years so there are a number of shallow spots. The Pentwater Village and local businesses are raising money to have the channel dredged but as of June 26, it had not been dredged. Photo on the left is Carl and Brian closely watching the depth sounder as we head out the channel. On the right......"cruising Lake Michigan". You know, you've seen those photographs/postcards of legs stretching out from the sandy shore looking out into the warm ocean. Well this is the same idea only Lake Michigan!


On the left ......lighthouse at Big Point Sable just north of Ludington.


Carl and I enjoyed taking the helm for Brian and Pam. On the left is Carl having a good time at the helm monitoring marks on radar and keeping an eye on our course. Brian trusted us so much that he joined Pam for nap time!


While walking around Northport, saw this cool Bird Church House. Love the sign below the Church House!


On the left ......those delicious cinnamon twists from Barb's Bakery in Northport. Bought them in the morning just before heading to Charlevoix.


Heading into Charlevoix. The bridge opens on the hour and half hour. Don't bother calling the bridge tender on the radio......he does NOT answer. Bottom left is a Lake Michigan cruise ship (YORKTOWN).

Tom Kelly on GORTA MOR met us in Round Lake on Thursday. IRISH EYES dropped the anchor ....whileGORTA MOR rafted next to IRISH EYES. I did a quick tour of the shops in Charlevoix. Made hamburgers for dinner. In the middle of the night ......heard rummaging around in the galley. Thought Brian was getting a "midnight snack" but then I heard a spoon in a cup stirring something. A few minutes later the generator started which was odd. Looked out the hatch and did not see any bad weather so went back to sleep.

Around 6 AM, Brian knocked on the door. Told us that Pam was ill. She was going to the emergency room so we should pack at least an overnight bag and move over to GORTA MOR. The original plan was for Carl and I to cross over to Beaver Island with Tom. Looked like we could get the 7:00 AM bridge opening. Brian said that he and Pam would catch up with up us later that day or the following day. Carl and I moved over to GORTA MOR, Tom tried to fire up the engine........dead batteries. This required a revision to the plan. Carl and I would travel with Tom on GORTA MOR back to Boyne City where he would get new batteries. Called Towboat US for either a tow or a battery jump. Towboat arrived around 8:30 AM.....all we needed was a "jump". Headed to Boyne City with Towboat shadowing us for part of the trip. Tom called his guys who take care of his boat and let them know we were coming and what the problem was. Meanwhile, Pam headed to the emergency room.

Friday morning was rather stressful with Pam going to the emergency room and Tom's boat not starting. First two photos.....the guys patiently waiting for TowBoat US. Note: TowBoat had been out all night rescuing a sailboat at South Manitou. Towed the sailboat to Leeland and then returned to Charlevoix. So....the guy was tired. TowBoat supped to arrive by 8:00 AM but it was after 8:30 AM. Did not have to tow us....only jump start us.

Carl and I had never been to Boyne City so this was an adventure. Tom and Carl worked with the local mechanic to get the boat running again. Meanwhile, I walked around Boyne City checking out the shops. Met Tom and Carl for lunch at the Water Street Cafe. Batteries installed by 5:00 PM. Boyne City has music on the street every Saturday night starting at 4:00 PM. I went up to listen to music and check out the art and craft tents while the guys were on the boat. Later Carl joined me to listen to a couple bands. Talked to Brian on the phone. Pam was treated at emergency, returned to the boat and rested (no sleep during the night).

When I was walking around town, two guys in a hot Camaro stopped me. Oh, it was Tom and Carl---asked me if I wanted to join them for lunch. Went to Water Street Cafe. Tom recommended the Chicken Salad sandwich so I ordered one; Carl ordered a Reuben Pannini. We split our individual sandwich and shared half. Both sandwiches were fantastic. Tom treated us to lunch ....thanks Tom.


One of the bands was Ribo and The Flavanoids. Pretty good music. The guy playing bongo drums was really good. Besides the bands there was a juggler with a broken leg. It was interesting to watch him juggling fire pins with his broken leg.


Saturday morning, GORTA MOR left the dock at 4:30 AM headed for Beaver Island. Made the 7:00 AM bridge along with IRISH EYES (Brian was just pulling up the anchor as we entered Round Lake.). The crossing was rather uneventful although we did have to alter course to widened the distance between us and a commerical barge---at the barge Captain's request. Pulled into the Beaver Island Yacht Dock by noon. Moved back onboard IRISH EYES.

On the left.....the EMERALD ISLE (passenger and car ferry that runs between Charlevoix and Beaver Island). The ferry did not leave Charlevoix until 8:30 AM (we left at 7:00) and of course it passed us about mid-way between the mainland and the island. On the right is IRISH EYES heading out the channel. Bottom left is the tug that asked us to alter our course.

It is great to be back on Beaver Island!!! Be sure to read all about our stay on Beaver Island in next month's trip log.

Submitted by:

Marilyn Thoreson
July 03, 2012