JUNE---Moved Into Our Cottage and Started the Land Cruise out West.

We were so anxious to get into the cottage. The winter renters moved out on June 1 when we were down in Kalamazoo for an appointment. While in Kalamazoo we stayed with the Eilers (Mark, Laura, Sam and Ben). Enjoyed a quiet, relaxing Friday night dinner. Saturday was "Sports Day". The morning started with Ben playing T-ball. Next we drove to the soccer field to watch Sam play. While the Eilers left the soccer field to head to Sam's baseball game, we drove up to Whitehall for dinner with friends, Russ and Robin. What a day!

Arrived back at the cottage in the evening to find a horrible mess. Our winter renters were not "cleaners". Both of us were almost overwhelmed with the mess----decided the only way to make progress was to get to work. Sunday morning we drove to Wal-mart to purchase cleaning supplies. I cleaned at least 12 hours on Sunday and another 12 on Monday--only the master bedroom and master bath were clean! Carl went about finding me help. Linda and her daughter, Crystal, arrived to help me on Tuesday. The three of us cleaned for another three days. By the end of the week, the house was clean and smelling fresh. While we were cleaning, Carl was working on getting the trash the renters left collected up and disposed of. The cottage was back to how we left it two years ago.

Beth and Erling Tufte (Carl's sister and brother-in-law) arrived from Minneapolis two days after the cottage was clean. I had not seen Beth and Erling for 5 years---since their daughter, Kari's, wedding. We'd start the morning with a brisk walk on the beach, drive somewhere for a sweet roll or donut, do some sight seeing, make dinner and close the day with a stroll on the beach to watch the sun set. Beth, Carl and I are used to the relaxing lifestyle since all three of us are retired. Erling, on the other hand, is still working so he really enjoyed the opportunity to kick back and relax!

Below are pictures taken during Beth and Erling's visit. The first picture is of Carl, Erling and I on the beach. Looks like it was a cool evening. The second picture is Erling and I in the kitchen (Erling is opening a bottle of wine). The last picture is of Carl and I right at sunset.


Friends---Pam & Brian McLenithan, and Laurie, Al and Jamie Forte arrived for dinner and an overnight on July 16th. We always have a great time together visiting, preparing dinner and eating together. It is hard to believe that little Jamie will be starting her senior year in high school. Seems like it was yesterday that we were laughing at all the things Jamie would say when she was about 4 years old. It is a different boating year for this group. Pam and Brian are not even putting their boat in the water because they are supervising the building of their condo. Our boat is on the hard in Deltaville, VA during hurricane season. Al and Jamie are heading to Beaver Island for most of the summer---Laurie is working but will join them for long weekend.

After our guests left, we focused on the yard, the garage and the crawl space. We get so many oak leaves in our yard and consequently in my flower gardens. No one rakes while we are gone so there was two years worth of accumulated leaves. It took me 7 days to get all the leaves out of the garden. While I worked in the garden, Carl cleaned out the crawl space (lots of building debris left from our remodeling project back in 2000) and he organized the garage. When we return in the fall, I want to thin out my perennials.

The following is a picture of me in one of the flower gardens on a hot day. Do I look tired?

Started our trip on June 24th. Drove to Milwaukee to stay with sailing friends, Jo and Bruce Johnson, for a couple days. Jo and Bruce live in a condo in downtown Milwaukee (just a couple blocks from the Milwaukee Art Museum). Just loved the view from their condo---at night it is breath taking to see all the city lights, so different from what we see when cruising! Bruce and Carl went sailing one afternoon while Jo and I went to the Pisarro Exhibit at the Art Museum. Had a great late lunch or early dinner on the boardwalk in one of the historical city wards.

Drove from Milwaukee to Minneapolis where we stayed with Beth and Erling. Carl and I did some heavy duty shopping at Kohls. Carl found some great summer shorts and shirts that were 50-75% off.  I wasn't quite as successful as Carl--found things that were only 50% off. One day we drove to Mike and Kari's house (Beth and Erling's daughter and son-in-law) where we hit the jackpot with regard to visiting family. John and Kari (Beth and Erling's son and daughter-in-law) were visiting from Fort Collins, CO. Had the opportunity to see Mike and Kari's children--Erik and Baby Sonja; and John and Kari's children--Olivia and Leif.

Below are pictures taken at Mike and Kari's house. The first picture is Carl and I with Baby Sonja. The second picture is Beth and I with Erik, Olivia and Leif. The last picture is Carl holding Baby Sonja. 6643. 6645 and 002)


Stopped in Fargo on our way to East Grand Forks to visit Debbie Larkin. Debbie and I worked at St. John Hospital together in the late 70's. It was great to catch up with her. Debbie and I exchanged Christmas cards for years until I started to cruise when I stopped sending cards so you can imagine we had a lot to catch up on. Debbie took Carl and I out to dinner at a neat restaurant in Moorhead called Sarello's. Recommend eating here if you are in the Fargo-Moorhead area (reservations are encouraged).

Last stop in the month of June was at William and Shelly Thoreson's in East Grand Forks. William is Carl's youngest brother. William has one of those deluxe grills---he used it to make breakfast one morning and to grill kabobs one evening. Stopped by William's workplace on our way out of town.

June went by so quickly. We were so anxious to get into our cottage but disappointed in the shape the renters left it in. Amazing what soap, water, brooms and dust mops can do. Carl's cleaning the crawl space and organizing the garage was a bonus. We did not have enough time to enjoy the cottage before starting our trip west so we hope to do that when we return in August.

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Marilyn Thoreson
August 5, 2007

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