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JULY--St. James, Beaver Island to North Dakota/Minnesota and on to Louisville, KY

Beaver Island:

Staying with friends, Al and Laurie Forte, at their condo on Beaver Island. Pam and Brian McLenithan are staying with Tom Kelly on GORTA MOR at the Beaver Island Yacht Dock. Jamie Forte (Al and Laurie's daughter) joined us at the condo on Wednesday. General Routine: 1) Carl, Pam and I went for a walk in the morning (Laurie joined us a couple times). 2) Afternoons we'd hang around the condo---catching up with email, reading and sitting around the picnic table or by the pool. 3) Late afternoon was time to clean up for the evening's activities. Went out for dinner 3 nights, took turns making dinner (each couple took one night) and then on the 4th of July we continued the tradition of heavy appetizers late in the afternoon (lots of them). Great fireworks although guys setting off the fireworks made a mistake with the sequence (Grand Finale was in the middle of the show). Watched the fireworks at Ed and Willie Welter's dock where we visited with Ed, Willie and Kathy and Ric Blalock. Good to see those guys again.

One of our favorite trails on Beaver Island is the Protar Trail (technically the Keubler Trail but we call it the Protar Trail). Who is Protar? Briefly, Feodor Protar immigrated from Estonia. where he was a newspaper editor and talented actor. Protar wanted to change his life in order to undertake a spiritual quest. He bought an old cabin on Sloptown Road, where he strove for self-sufficiency. He did everything he could for everyone he met, including performing medical services for those too poor or too distant for the doctor in St. James. Despite his objections, he was known as "Doctor Protar." Somewhat of a recluse, and a follower of the precepts of Tolstoy, this elderly immigrant came to be regarded as a saint. At the trailhead is a monument honoring Protar. Carl and Chloe (Laurie's dog) lead the hikers (really they broke the spider webs for us girls).


Every year,.... we "pose" at the culvert for photos. First photo is Carl and I. Second photo is the girls.


Pam, Laurie, Chloe and I at the end of the trail by the water.


One of the highlights of Independence Day is the Beaver Island Parade. By 8:00 AM, chairs start lining main street. One the left is Tom Kelly, Brian and I sitting on our lawn chairs waiting for the parade to start. Photo on the right is Pam and Brian. Bottom photo is the Forte Family.


A flyover by the Beaver Island Airlines followed by the shot from the canon signals the start of the parade.


Only on Beaver Island will you see a fork lift platform holding a band!! Safety isn't flirst Fun is first! Good music.


Out for dinner at the Circle M the night before we left the island. Attendees and Maryjean Pike, Pam and Brian, Al, Laurie, and Jamie , Tom Kelly and us.


Saturday morning caught a flight on Fresh Air where our car was waiting for us at the Charlevoix Airport Hanger. Loaded up the car and off on our trip to North Dakota.

Top left---take off. Top right was taken as we left Beaver Island. The water is so clear you can see a sandbar a distance offshore. Middle left photo shows the mainland as we approached Charlevoix. Middle right shows Carl sitting next to the pilot . Bottom left--our car waiting for us. Is that classy or what???



North Dakota and Minnesota:

Drove from Charlevoix to East Grand Forks, MN in one day. (14.5 hours). It was a beautiful day for a drive across Michigan's northern peninsula. What a relief to finally arrive at William and Shelly's house. Ate pizza, drank some wine, caught up with the latest news and off to bed. In the morning, Shelly, Carl and I went for a nice walk. William grilled us our favorite burgers with blackened Anaheim peppers, cheese, grilled onions and crispy bacon.

William creating the magic at his grill. On the right is the corn on the cob he also cooked on the grill.


Monday morning we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase a wedding gift for Emily and Shannon (Carl's niece, Emily, was married last December while we were in the Bahamas) before heading to Rock Lake, ND to visit my parents. What a pleasant surprise........my sister, Evonne, and her husband, Lauren, were at my parent's house. I thought we'd miss them by a day but their schedule slipped a day so we we lucky enough to see them before they headed to Montana and then back to the Seattle area where they live.

My sister Evonne and her husband, Lauren.

While in Rock Lake, visited my parents and my sister, Cheryl, who also lives in Rock Lake. Went to Senior Meals one day and then off to Ladies' Aid (Bible Study). One night we drove over to Belcourt for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. Stopped at the Hansboro Border Station where my Dad used to work and back in the mid-60's we lived in a house at the station. My parents lived there until the mid-80's.

On the left---my cousins, Elaine and Diane. Bottom left photo was taken at the Rock Lake Ribfest Lunch. At the picnic table is: Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Harold, my parents, my sister, Cheryl. The last photo is this group is me with my parents.


Stopped in York, ND to visit Carl's brother, John and John's wife, Suzie. John lives in the "old Thoreson Family home". John and Suzie are working to fix up the house and make it their home.


Back to East Grand Forks for a night with William and Shelly. The four of us went to the movie "White House Down". The movie was action packed with a few funny lines. Walked to the movie and back home again which helped justify ending the evening with vanilla ice cream topped with homemade hot fudge.

From East Grand Forks we drove to Cottage Grove, MN (a suburb of St. Paul) to visit Beth and Erling Tufte (Carl's sister and brother-in-law). Stayed two nights. Went "window" shopping at IKEA. While in Cottage Grove, also visited Carl's niece, Kari and her husband, Mike, and two children (Erik and Sonja). It was a short visit but very nice.

When we stopped to visit Kari......Erik asked Carl to play a video game with him. Erik tried to explain it but Carl could not understand how the game was played so finally Sonja grabbed the controls. The two kids were so funny to watch glued to the controls and screen.


Rode the Badger Car Ferry to cross Lake Michigan. It was a hot day so we found two chaise lounger on the deck (in the shade). Smooth sailing in waves 2 feet or less.

Top left---our car in line for loading onto the Badger. Top right shows the loading area for vehicles and passengers (the rear). Middle left is Carl waiting to board the ferry. Middle right shows just one of the oversized load trucks backing into the ferry. Bottom left is the top deck. Bottom right is Carl standing by the bow on the top deck. You can see up the river at Manitowoc.


Louisville, KY--- Day one:

Drove to Louisville, KY on July 31 to visit cruising friend, Leigh and Ken Parrot (ONE EYED PARROTS) . Picked up Kris and Craig (TILT) in Grand Rapids. The drive is a little over 6 house. Heavy rain for the first couple hours then just overcast skies. Relaxed in the screen porch the first evening. Leigh served some great appetizers followed by jambalaya. Leigh and Ken take in baby kittens that have been abandoned to help socialize them before adoption---3 little boys and 1 little girl just arrived. Watched Ken fed the kittens with a "baby bottle". the first day. The kittens arrived about 2 hours before we did!

Stayed in Louisville for 4 nights so read about our further adventures in next month's log.

Parrot's kittens--Missy, Mac, Mike and Mark.



Cottage and Jewelry Projects:

Made a bracelet and earring for cruising friend, Ginnie (FIRECRACKER) to give to her daughter. Also made a necklace using a crochet chain stitch. Also started to work on my bra for the Breast Cancer and Pentwater Arts Council (will finish it in August so stay tuned for photos).

The bracelet I made for Ginnie's daughter. On the left shows the bracelet in the closed position. Photo on the right shows the bracelet strung out along with the earrings.

Below is the crocheted necklace with shells, pearls, crystals and seaglass.


My Art Bra Project for the Breast Cancer and Pentwater Arts Council Fundraiser. I picked up a bag with the bra and instructions. One photo shows all the supplies I purchased for decorating the bras. The last two photo---covering the bra covered with fabric.


The interior of the cottage has been painted. It looks so good and smells so fresh. Dreaded painting the bedrooms....our bedrooms are small with furniture lining all the walls. The only way to paint.....push everything into half the room and paint the other half. So glad that is over.

The main bathroom is ALMOST complete. The vanity and vanity top was installed July 25. The room looks great. Still need to find and then install a shower door and Carl needs to caulk between the vanity top and the wall. The final touch.....yet to purchase new towels. Purchased and installed curtain rods and panels in the two bedrooms and office.

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Marilyn Thoreson
August 05, 2013