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DECEMBER---Vero Beach, FL


Still working on getting the townhouse furnished, decorated and comfortable. Continue to watch Craigslist but not every day like I was in November. Have a list of wants and very few needs. The next big purchase will be an area rug for the living room. Found an area rug that I'd like but the rug keeps going on back order. I get an email stating "rug is now available" but by the time I get online it is out of stock again. I will remain patient through January. If the rug is still out of stock in through January, I will start looking for something else!!! Still need kitchen stuff---small appliances (things like a crockpot and a toaster) and a few miscellaneous utensils, serving dishes and mixing bowls!

Jazzed up the downstairs bathroom with a seashell mirror. The mirror in this bathroom did not have a frame--it has a beveled edge. Used the beveled edge as a guide for laying out seashells, starfish, seaglass and pearls. Had to use 5 minute 2-part epoxy to adhere the shells to the mirror. I had never used epoxy before so I was reluctant to get started. Took a while to get into the swing of things--how much expoxy to mix before it started setting up. Like the way the mirror turned out.


Decided to try my hand at painting cabinets. End goal---want to paint the kitchen cabinets but thought the sink vanity in the guest bathroom was a better place to start just in case I ran into serious trouble. It took me about a week to get this project done. Have door hardware for Carl to install but he says he needs a jig for the job--eventually the hardware will go on the doors. Learned a lot from this project--I now kow that I can paint the kitchen cabinets but do I really want to?????


Carl repaired the antique vanity that was stored in the garage since last year. He took the vanity over to our friend's (Aimee) house where he used Aimee's saw and some wood to make blocks to reinforce the corners of the vanity's base. When the vanity was repaired---the top drawer started to stick (everything is so much tighter now). Tried to solve this problem by sanding off some of the wood from the bottom of the drawer. While Carl was sanding---the marble top started to move from the sander's vibration. All of a sudden---one of the marble pieces fell off the top of the vanity onto Carl's forehead. From Carl's forehead, the marble bounced to the floor and broke. Carl had a 2 inch gash in his forehead and a small cut above his eyebrow. I thought he needed stitches. No stitches--repaired his forehead with steri-strips. The drawer still sticks (it needs a brace added under the drawer to hold it up) and Carl had a headache for a day or so. To finish this bathroom---need a mirror to go above the vanity, some knick knack things to set on the antique vanity, and colorful towels.


Painted the garage carriage lamps. The lamps were heavily corroded. A little black rustoleum covered up the corrosion. Before painting, I used some 80 grade sandpaper to knock off the corrosion and then cleaned the glass. The lamps look like they are new!!!

Made a glass ornament wreath for the front door and some "things" to hang from the carriage lamps. Used Florida colors. Like the way they turned out. I bought 48 bulbs for the wreath---about 5 minutes into the project knew I needed about a 100 more! Found an inexpensive basket with greens at Walmart that I added small glass ornaments and starfish to. It made a nice Christmas centerpiece.

Below left ...garage Carriage Lamp before painting. On the right is the painted lamp with the Christmas decoration. Bottom left shows my jazzed up Walmart table centerpiece. Bottom right is the ornament wreath on the front door.



Started to organize my desk that I painted last month. Now know where my jewelry supplies and tools are!!! Still need an under the counter light so that I have better lighting for working on jewelry. Friends are saving plastic containers (like the ones they sell nuts in at Cosco) for me to store my glass, shells and beans in.


Knitted a skirt. Learned a new technique---knitting in the round. Started knitting a blanket for Lindsey's and Josh's baby (due the first part of April)--will have a photo for January's post. The yarn is a fabulous cotton and the pattern is a little complicated for me. Every row is different from the previous row. Had to learn about 4 new stitches. I love those You Tube videos--great help for new stitches.


Social Activities:

It is so easy for me to just keep my nose to the grindstone and work on projects until everything is done. However, all work and no play make for a very dull life. Attended a couple Happy Hours at the Vero Beach Marina. Kris (TILT), Francie (BAREFOOT'N), Pru (EXUBERANT) had lunch at the Red Onion---had a fabulous asparagus sandwich. A couple weeks later, had lunch there again with Kris, Pat (formerly WINDBORNE), Nancy (SOUTHERN COMFORT) and Karen (SEADANCER)--tried a different sandwich which was "okay" but nothing like the asparagus one.

Bob and Bev traveled to Baton Rouge for Christmas so had an early Christmas dinner with them over at Di's and Jay's. A great dinner---prime rib with mashed potatoes (and other stuff) followed by Key Lime Pie!

Lunch with Kris, Pru and Francie at the Red Onion.


Attended the CLOD (Cruisers Living On Dirt) Christmas Party--a potluck. Had a good time BUT left shortly after dessert so we could go home to watch the Bison play Sam Houston State in the semi-finals for the FCS Championship. Bob and Bev asked us to stop by to watch the game with them which we did. Another win for the Thundering Herd.

Photos from the CLOD Christmas. On the left is Nancy, Pat and Karen. On the right is Carl and Aimee


Invited Aimee & Nancy (SOUTHERN ESTATE) and Keith & Rose (CAMELOT) for dinner at our place. I prepared a 6 hour slow roast pork loin with pesto, potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots and some very rich peanut butter chocolate bars. It was fun to host a sit down dinner. We just haven't taken the time to invite people over for dinner other than a pizza followed by Sequence!!!

After Christmas Dinner at our house with SOUTHERN ESTATE and CAMELOT.



Carl and I had a quiet Christmas Eve. I made Charleston Style Shrimp and Grits. Started to watch "Santa Clause II" but switched to another movie after about 15 minutes. The first movie "Santa Clause" was so funny but II is not worth watching.

Jay & Di and Kris & Craig were our Christmas Day guests. Kris brought shrimp with some really spicy cocktail sauce. Di brought a pepper coated ham, freshly baked buns and a squash casserole. I did accordion potatoes, carrots, green bean casserole and apple crisp with ice cream. We ate, drank and told old cruising stories!!!

Carl with his two gifts ....a Bison charger for the car (charges smartphones and tablets) and a clock radio that projects the time on the wall so we can see the time while laying in bed at night!! Carl gave me a Kitchenaid mixer. Remembered to take a photo of the table before the guests arrived but forgot to take photos when the guests arrived (too busy in the kitchen). You can see Carl's boo bo when the marble piece hit his forehead!!!


New Year's Eve:

Attended a New Year's Eve party at Keith's and Rose's house along with about 30 other people. Their house is big enough to accommodate a sit down dinner for 30 some people! After dinner we played a game and then waited for the ball to drop.



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January 04, 2015