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AUGUST--Pentwater, MI to Vero Beach, FL and back to Pentwater, MI

Pentwater Stuff:

Janet, my knitting mentor at the Artisan Center, was hospitalized for 20 days so if I wanted to make progress with my knitting, had to strike out on my own. Janet was finally discharged (thank goodness) and back to the Artisan Center the last week of the month. Made just a few knitting mistakes---Janet corrected my screw-ups with minimal unraveling! Meanwhile, Carl has been mapping the mooring on Lake Pentwater using his GPS puck and Google Earth. Carl is also learning how to use the drafting software, SKETCH-UP. He is designing a table for the entry way in our Vero Beach townhouse. The table will not be built until next summer. There were times when Carl was so frustrated with the software. He continued to hang in there---currently feels like he is getting fairly proficient with the software.

My sweater coat. All you see in the photo is the bottom and top panels. Next step is to knit the sleeves and collar. Doesn't look like much now but in another month or so it will be fantastic.

One Tuesday night we attended the Concert on the Green in Hart. Great music provided by Billy Strings and Don Julin. Look them up on You Tube and listen to them. Billy is a fantastic entertainer. I broke out into a smile every time I turned to look at Carl who was groovin' to the music while sitting in his lawn chair.

Please go to You Tube to listen to this duet. They are so good.


Purchased a Smart TV---50 inch Vizio and upgraded our cable package (Extended Basic) so we could watch the North Dakota State University Bison's opening game with Iowa State. The biggest TV we have ever owned. Good game although the Bison were behind initially--finally kicked butt after half time. This was the 5th consecutive Football Bowl Sub-division (FBS) team that the Bison have defeated (NDSU is a Football Championship Sub-division or FCS team) and the Bison's 25th consecutive win. Both of us are very proud of the Bison's success. As a side note ....I did not think I would use the smart features. Wrong---been watching instant videos through our Amazon Prime Account and love it.


Our first big screen TV (yes, I realize this TV is actually a medium sized TV but for me its big) AND its Smart.


North Dakota State University Bison playing Iowa State Cyclones. The game was not going well for the Bison at first. Notice the score in the top left hand corner of the first photo. Finally, the offense kicked in. Just another touchdown in the right photo.

Final score (34 to 14)


Decided to decorate another bra for the br-A-rt fundraiser held by the Pentwater Arts Council. Last year, I used a blue and green batik fabric to cover the bra and then crocheted a trim using cream pearls, blue beads and seaglass. This year .....a coral fabric with tiny orange, red, pink, coral seed beads, red bi cone crystals and burnt orange pearls. The bra has to be completed by September 14.

The first step is to cover the bra with fabric. This year, used a coral fabric. Then start sewing the beads, bicone crystals and pearls on the fabric. The finished bra will be seen in next month's log.



New Bern, NC:

Packed up the mini-van for a trip to New Bern where DISCOVERY is at a marina and then on to our townhouse in Vero Beach. In addition to household items for Florida, packed DISCOVERY's aft stateroom cushions. These cushions have been stored in our garage since 2005. It appeared to me that the van was getting full so I stopped putting stuff in. After all, had stuff to pick up from a storage locker in New Bern for Florida. Drove to Grand Rapids where we stayed overnight with Pam and Brian and left at O'dark-thirty in the morning.

What to bring and what has to wait for the next trip to Florida in October. How much space is needed for all the stuff we have to pick up in New Bern? What a dilemma!!!


Long drive from Grand Rapids to Greenville, NC but it was oh so nice to put all those miles behind us! Love driving through the mountains in West Virginia. The next morning--- a short drive to New Bern. Stopped at the boat to unload the cushions then off to the storage building. Packed the van with stuff that was on DISCOVERY---in various storage bins and cubbies BUT removed so that potential buyers can see how much storage space DISCOVERY has!!! Drove over to Oriental to store the stuff in a carport attic of cruising friends. Next, loaded up stuff that was going to Vero Beach. Way, too much stuff for Vero so Carl sorted through it and found several "big things" that he would rather have in Pentwater. That stuff for Pentwater went back into the storage locker---picked it up on our way back.

While in New Bern, stayed with Dick and Pat Peebles (former owners of a Saga 43--HANANIAH). New Bern for three nights--two nights at the beginning of the trip and one night at the end of the trip. The first night......had dinner at the Peebles followed by a game of Sequence. The second night.....Dick and Pat had an evening commitment so Carl and I went out for pizza. The third night (returning from VB) the four of us went out for dinner at MJ Seafood.

Had dinner at MJ's, my favorite restaurant in New Bern. I had a shrimp taco....oh so good. While the best food in New Bern is at MJ's.....the best coffee is at the Peebles. Dick orders green coffee beans on the internet, roasts them, grinds in a special grinder just before brewing. Oh my .....coffee to die for.



Vero Beach, FL:

Our kitchen appliances, washer and dryer were scheduled for installation on August 11--we wanted to be there and are so very glad we were there. The installation---well that is a story for cocktail parties. I will just say that is was a fiasco especially the washing machine. Bottom line--- love the appliances.

New microwave and dishwasher. Dang....did not get a photo of the huge refrigerator!!!!


Di and Jay invited us over for cocktails when we arrived. Di and I would walk in the morning. It was quite hot and humid in Vero so walking in the morning was the only option. Just love the built in desk and storage cabinets in the office built by Gary. Gary stopped by when we were in Vero to see if I wanted him to install hardware on the cabinets. Found some I liked on Amazon---ordered them and had them shipped to Gary. Gary will install the same hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Found two chairs on Craig's List---one for the living room and one for the office.

Built-in shelves....did not get a photo of the desk (maybe October or November's log). On the right is the leather chair I found on Craig's List. Will be looking for an end table and lamp to set beside the chair.


Chair for the living room.

Would have liked to stay in VB longer but had commitments back in Pentwater so left VB on 8/19.

Other Events:

The last day of August ....drove down to White Lake to visit Russ and Robin on ROBIN's NEST. Appetizers and wine (or beer or water) on the dock. Heather, Pat and Craig on ISLAND TIME joined us for Happy Hour. Russ smokes his own salmon---Robin used it to make a spread. Lots of good appetizers. Dinner at a picnic table---sliders. Good time.

Photos taken during Happy Hour. On left--Robin and Russ. On the right Pat and Heather. Bottom left is Craig. Lots of old sailing stories on Lake Michigan told with tongues loosened by alcohol.

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Marilyn Thoreson
September 14, 2014