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AUGUST---Louisville, KY to Grand Rapids, MI

Kris & Craig (TILT) and Carl & I are visiting Leigh and Ken Parrot (ONE EYED PARROTS) in Louisville, KY. Leigh and Ken are fantastic hosts---they made us feel welcome and oh so comfortable in their lovely home. They are also first rate tour guides showing us around the Louisville area. First stop---the 21C Museum Hotel. The 21C Museum Hotel's goal or mission is integrating contemporary art into everyday living. Art is everywhere in the hotel. Went to the Kentucky Derby Museum and on a tour of Churchill Downs. Have watched the Kentucky Derby on TV but you have to visit Churchill Downs to fully appreciate the Derby. I'd like to go to the Derby some day. The Big Four Bridge....an old railroad bridge that crosses the Ohio River between Kentucky and Indiana is open on the Kentucky side for walkers and bicycles. The Big Four Bridge was first used in the early 1800's.....the last train using the bridge was back in the 1960's. The bridge is a great place to view the river traffic. One afternoon, the girls went shopping at several consignment shops.....it was a good shopping day for me and not too bad for Kris. I don't think Leigh found anything for herself but she found some items for Kris and I. Out for dinner one night at one of the Parrots' favorite restaurant. Earlier that evening we "tried to participate in the Trolley Hop". Walked around downtown stopping in a few shops and galleries but never saw a trolley to hop on! As Leigh said, "Ken, this trolley hop is a bust." Went to the Jim Beam Bourbon Distillery in Clermont. Very good tour and opportunity to taste the various bourbons.

Four little kitties arrived at the Parrot house a couple hours before we did. Three boys---Mac, Mike, Mark and one girl---Missy. The first day, Ken fed each kitten with a weaning formula in a bottle. On the second day, the kittens were lapping up the formula from a bowl but still needed some formula in the bottle. By day three......no bottles required. However, when it was nap time, the kittens apparently missed their Mom and tried to nurse off each other. Ken and Leigh take in kittens when the owners take them away from their Mother and before they are adopted. The goal is to keep them healthy and introduce them to people. These kitties love people.


Below are a few photos taken at 21C Hotel. On the left is" Cowboys and Indians" (the guy is wearing a Dallas Cowboys helmet while the girl is wearing a Washington Redskin Helmet). Top right is a collage made from broken records (vinyl). The shapes are various warriors. The collage was part of the War and Aftermath exhibit. My favorite was the Lost Supper (two middle photos). The last photo was taken in the men's room. Top of photo is a one-way window so when you are using the urinal (the wall of water) you can watch people go up and down the hallway.


Churchill Down and the Kentucky Derby Museum. After this visit, I have a better understanding of the Kentucky Derby. What a beautiful racetrack and a wonderful tradition. Our tour guide told us that we should know the name of the horse that won the Derby the year we were born. The horse that won the year of Carl's birth was ASSAULT. My horse was HILL GAIL. The last photo is Kris racing her horse. She could control her speed by using a restricted number of whips and she could "steer" the horse to get around the horses in front of her. Kris won on her first try.

The bridge walk.


Yes, the Trolley Hop was a bust but we did see some great art glass at the Flame Run Gallery. AND had a great dinner at one of Leigh and Ken's favorite restaurants (


Out to the Jim Beam Distillery for a tour and tasting. Everyone gets a card key that is good for two "tastes" in an automated dispenser. You can taste their very best bourbons. The people of Kentucky are serious about bourbon---there are more barrels of bourbon in the state than people.



Back at the cottage----continued with our project. Hired a carpenter to install nine 6-panel doors in the original part of the cottage to match the doors used in the addition. The new doors look great. Installing and painting the doors finishes up the summer's remodel project. Next spring we will need to install a shower door in the main bathroom OR put up a shower curtain. Purchased some new towels to add some bright color to the bathroom. Love the updated bathroom.

Attended the Pentwater Homecoming Parade. Lots of classic cars, fire engines, representatives from Michigan State University, Pentwater Citizen of the Year--Juanita Pierman and the Scotville Clown Band.



Pat & Craig Harrington and Pam & Brian McLenithan came up for dinner one Sunday night for dinner. Pam brought some great appetizers. Carl grilled steaks and zucchini. I made a tomato and corn salad. Pat brought dessert--fruit with balsamic vinegar glaze and a creamy topping. Had a great time. Pat, Craig, Pam and Brian are going on a trip in October to Ireland so we heard a little about their plans. Pam and Brian stayed overnight. Before going to bed we watched the movie "In The Garden of Good and Evil".



Tuesday is my day at the Pentwater Artisan Center. Work on jewelry project with other women and then go out to dinner together. Perhaps next year, I will try develop a new skill but then I really enjoy making jewelry.

Made a necklace and earrings for the Wine and Art in the Harbor Fundraiser. The organization that will receive the money is Hospice. Used stick pearls, bicones, pearls and sea glass. Started a necklace using seed beads, tila beads, bicone, tila and a piece of light purple sea glass. Just getting started on this one.



Designed and decorated a bra for the Breast Cancer and Pentwater Arts Council Fundraiser. Loved this project. Have to admit it took a lot more time than I thought it would. The bra auction will be held on October 5 at the Pentwater Yacht Club. I am hoping my bra will bring in some money for these two groups.

My art bra and a photo of myself (submission requirement).


Attended the 142nd Annual Oceana County Fair. Haven't been to a fair since high school. Walked through all the barns......lots of 4-H Club kids raising animals (cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, poultry, rabbits, etc). Fun to watch the little kids on the fair rides. Before going home we HAD to eat something that wasn't good for us .......homemade onion rings. Boy were they good.

Most of the 4-H kids decorated their horse stalls. Top left photo is the stall for an Arabian Horse. Other photos show various animals. The last photo is our onion rings. So many delicious rings.


Cruising buddies, Chris and Karen (SYNERGY) arrived in Michigan on August 26. They will be in Michigan until early October. We had hoped to spend some time together in Michigan but since we are heading to Deltaville on September 1....could only manage a lunch together. Met in Ludington for lunch at the Sportsman. Good to see them and look forward to hitching up with them in Florida.

Chris, Karen and Carl outside The Irish Sportsman in Ludington.


Frank and Gayle (DOUBLETIME) arrived in Pentwater on August 29. They are doing the loop on their Power Cat. This year they traveled on DOUBLETIME from the Erie Canal to White Lake, MI where they will store the boat for one year. Next fall they will head to Chicago to complete the loop. Met them for dinner.

Waited for Frank and Gayle at the pierhead in Pentwater. Had their spot report so we tracked them from Frankfort to Pentwater. While waiting, the USCG came into Pentwater so I shot their photo.


Closed the cottage on Friday, August 30th. While Carl drained all the lines, I drove into Pentwater to wash the bedding and towels. Carl "winterized" the Honda---it will sit in the garage until we return next spring. I emptied the refrigerator and freezer taking several items to leave with Pam and Brian. That night ......first game for Michigan State University and North Dakota State University. Initially, flipped between the channels. The commentators on Fox Sports 1 did not have very much respect for NDSU. In fact, when Kansas State was ahead by 14 points, one of the commentators said there was no way for the Bison to win. Channel flipping stopped when the MSU game was shutdown due to lightning (delayed for an hour). Carl was so excited and nervous during the last 2 minutes of the game. The Bison won the game.

Saturday (last day of the month), Pam and I went for our pedicures and then did a little shopping. Grilled steaks in the evening. Packed the car for an early departure in the morning.

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Marilyn Thoreson
September 01, 2013