AUGUST---Pentwater, MI to Deltaville, VA

Enjoying time at the cottage. Pentwater is hoping with all the summer visitors but it is quiet in our neighborhood. Carl and I finally have time to walk the beach in the morning (45-90 minutes depending on the route), work on small projects and prepare dinner on the grill. Love the fresh produce that is now available year for corn and the tomatoes are fantastic.

The highlight of the Annual Pentwater Homecoming Parade was the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale Horses. Went into Pentwater for the Budweiser Clydesdale photo opportunity. It was a mad house---lots of people and no little organization. Love these horses. Did not attend the parade this year. Friends, Kris and Craig (TILT) came up to visit us. The four of us stopped in Pentwater but went back to the cottage for Happy Hour, a walk on the beach followed by dinner!




This month's jewelry projects. Photo on the left is a necklace and earrings made using tila beads with a seaglass pendant. On the right is a necklace and matching earrings using stick pearls (Carl ordered them for me from China) along with a seaglass pendant. The third necklace uses two pieces of seaglass. One of the pieces of seaglass is used to connect two different types of chain.



Made the bracelet below for a raffle held by the local Humane Society.


Closed the cottage on August 25th and headed to Grand Rapids for the weekend. Stayed with friends, Pam and Brian. Had a good time---even went to see a movie, "BOURNE LEGACY". Watched a cute movie, "CHIMPANZEE" on pay for view. Pam, Brian, Carl and I enjoyed a great dinner Sunday night. Hard to say goodbye to Pam and Brian for the winter.

Left Grand Rapids early in the morning on August 27th. Drove 14 hours to Fredericksburg, VA where we stayed in a Best Western. Another 2 hours to Deltaville on Tuesday. Stepped out of car looked DISCOVERY over and decided she looked pretty good! Found a ladder, opened the hatch and she still looked good. However, it did not take long for Carl to discover that the batteries were dead. At first he thought it was a controller problem. Had a spare controller---changed the controller for the spare---problem still there. Must be a charger/inverter problem---Keith on CAMELOT had a spare for the exact same charger/inverter so swapped out the charge/inverter---problem still there. Carl noticed a 3.6 amp leak and started to chase that down. Four days working at least 10 hours on this problem and it is still unresolved. What a royal bummer.

Just one of many places Carl searched for the battery loss of 3.6 amps.

So.....the month ends with a electrical problem. I had a difficult time starting any project because the boat is tore apart with the work Carl is doing. Managed to get most of the car unpacked. Scrubbed the deck but could not get into the cockpit because the sail locker is unpacked. With no electricity can't turn the refrigeration on so we have been eating out. Hope Carl solves this problem soon!!!!


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Marilyn Thoreson
September 8, 2012